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1988 TXR 312


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Does anyone out there know what jetting there running in the Dellorto carb.  I've got a 85 main and bike seems to load up and run rich over half throttle.  Have gone thru carb, and have points and timing set correctly.  Bike starts first kick runs great on bottom but loads up when you need to ring it out on a uphill section.  Plug is dark.  Just don't want to burn up the motor.  

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Be aware that the TXR have a later Dell'Orto PHBH 26, of type SD which is a Mikuni clone and fitted with an air screw.

The factory adjustment for the 240 and 276cc model are:
main jet:      88,
idle jet:        58,
nozzle jet:   BN 266,
clip:             2nd from above,
slide:           45°,
air screw:    1/4 out,
float:            8.3 gramm,
needle:        I have to look up, if of interest
gas valve:   200



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