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20 hours ago, timdog said:

4T riding style is a bit different, although less so at lower levels, but not light and day different. Less reliance on clutch slipping, the Beta just plonks along beautifully. A steady throttle needed in mud, not blipping looking for traction like a 2 stroke can where you feel for grip. Once you  loose it on 4T it’s harder to get back. But with a steady throttle it will grip beautifully. The power comes in very progressively and a BIG improvement if you want smooth steady power delivery is to swap standard throttle for an Amal 80/200 body. Very easy, straight swap, at the carb end you just swap the nipple into the “other” hole next to one it’s in now. Personally it’s my favourite modern bike. The 250 was actually a bit underpowered many thought, 300 is docile enough until you open it right up. 3004T certainly won’t be too much for you

Ive had 3 and never had any maiitanence issues, you will need to learn the knack of starting them when hot if you stall. Yes 4rt is very well made and reliable but I think Beta rides better, it will just chug along on tickover.

If you get one give it time, not everyone takes to it straight away. Good idea to try first if you can.


I had a 2014 Evo 300 2t Factory and now have a 2016 Evo 300 4t.  They have very different power curves.  The 2t was quite soft on the bottom with a grunty type of power that was very easy to modulate.  However, at higher rpms it became quite powerful.  If the throttle ever "gets away from you", it would not be a good beginner bike.  My 4t is not so soft right off the bottom (particularly just as you let the clutch out).  It is really only noticeable on full lock turns.  However, the rest of the power curve is very smooth, almost feeling kind of fluffy.  You can be much less precise with the the throttle from mid range on up.  Other brands are likely different.  If you are a lightweight, older Beta 300s required a pretty firm kick to start them.  I have read that the newer ones are easier to kick.    


Does the Amal 80/200 smooth out that initial cracking open of the throttle?  Does it use the same cable? I would like to smooth out that little part but would not want a slower throttle anywhere else or have to twist it farther.  I have read that newer 4ts come with a different/ smoother throttle but don't know how they compare.  I wonder if that initial little surge is throttle related or more related to inertia of the slide when it first lifts.  Do the Hondas so that?  I prefer a slow idle around 1300 rpms and suspect it would not be noticeable with a higher idle.       


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The Amal is similar in effect to fitting slow action domino on 2T. I’ve never bothered measuring  the degrees of turn but the Amal will have a slightly bigger range of movement. To be honest it’s never been an issue to me, full throttle, if needed is still easy. It certainly takes the snap out of the initial surge but part of that may of been the snatch of the Beta clutch. Plenty of people cope with the standard throttle but I much prefer the Amal

If you look at the pulley, cam, wheel with cable in part on the carb you will see there is a second hole cut out identical to and very close to the one in use. If you fit an Amal the nipple just swaps to the other hole and the cable tension is spot on. No need to change cables. I can only vouch for that up to 2018 but very much doubt carb has changed? 

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