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Beta EVO torque settings


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Hello, I'm new to Trials Central and this is my first post...

I decided to have a go at trials, bought a 2013 EVO 300 2T and have downloaded all the manuals and info I could find.

I spent a couple of seasons club racing short circuits and built my own 750 Yamahas, so I'm reasonably confident on the tools but specs/settings supplied by Beta seem a bit sketchy compared to what I'm used to from Yamaha.

I'm about 14 stone suited and booted and have bought a pair of 10% uprated springs to fit. For the fork, the owners manual says "Note : For screw A (triple tree clamps): torque wrench setting 7,8 : 9,1 Nm" but gives no torque info for the caps or anything else; I'm guessing 7.8Nm is the lower yoke and 9.1Nm the upper one?

Is there a document or manual anywhere with more torque setting info? The Beta is built a lot lighter than what I'm used to and I don't want to strip any threads.



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There's a table of torque settings around 4 pages long, do you have that?

I keep a copy of it rolled up with my torque wrench but I've just had a look and I can't find the pdf version or the link to where ever I downloaded it from - it is out there somewhere though.

Caps just need to be wound fully in, they don't really need any torque they wont work loose.

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No need to torque the top fork caps.  Once you tighten up the top triple clamps Allen heads they will keep the fork caps in place.

Hence why you have to loosing the top Allen head screws before you attempt to loosen the top fork caps. 

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I fitted the stiffer springs from Beta UK yesterday (80Nm front, 'K8' rear) and refilled the fork with 5w oil - the old fluid that came out was literally the consistency of custard! If anyone is interested, for my suited-and-booted 14 stone, this setup gives 55mm front sag with zero preload, and 60mm rear sag with the adjuster about 10mm out from full in.

Totty69 -the only torque info that Beta UK had was the table for engine and engine-to-frame fasteners so if you have more than that and can post a scan/photo I'd be very grateful. In the absence of any other info I torqued the axle and caliper bolts to a bit more than I would on my mountain bike 😄

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Torque values attached.

It says 2010 to 2014 but most figures will apply to all years, just be cautious about which parts have changed.

The hand written numbers aren't changes, they're just because dirt made the printed ones hard to read.




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