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Fantic hydraulic clutch??


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I've bought a Fantic, which seems to be a bitsa - I was told by the seller it is a 245 with  K-Roo bottom end, which is why it has a hydraulic clutch. I bought it knowing the clutch slave seal is goosed. I didn't realize the slave is inside the engine. But, the seller issued me with another set of 212cc crank cases which have the cable type of clutch and advised me to swap the internals into these cases. Does this sound doable, please? 

I'll try to post some pictures. 







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I think the case damage will have been from a past issue. The chain and sprockets are new and appear to be correctly mounted. 

The seller offered to refund me, but I'm up for having a go at fixing it myself. He's given me another set of crank cases and I'm hoping I can swap the whole engine and gearbox over into these. The engine in the bike has recently had new main bearings, seals, piston etc. It starts and runs nicely. I've never worked on a 2-stroke engine before and know nothing about the Fantic engines, so I'm open to advice. Thanks

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