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Honda TL250 Trials - new clutch?


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- Honda 1976 TL250 Trials - new clutch?

I've had the bike a few years, but ridden it very little. It came with piston slap, valve problems and other issues.

Enough so that power is pretty weak. So I'm overhauling the engine. But because I've ridden it so little I'm not sure about the clutch.

Mostly likely I'll just replace it. (The clutch pack was sticking when I purchased the bike).


I'd like to hear from an TL250 owner. Seems to me (as the bike is geared so low) that with the clutch out, and enough throttle the front wheel ought to come right off the ground.

Sound about right? 

Thanks, Dobbin22


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 As new with stock gearing the bike would do 4th gear wheelies with a good tug. The bike was/is very heavy. It makes plenty of power, but you have to ride it very aggressive to make it work.  I had the first one in our club, I also had a very modified one. Tucked frame, aluminum skid plate (removed the tubes) and 300 kit with complete exhaust. I still have a stock one just for memories sake. Besides very low ground clearance the stock bike actually works well. Have fun with it.

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