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Sherco Fajardo 2022 250cc - two problems


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Hi !

New Sherco new problem

First , the exhaust melt my hose !  The keihin is very close !  Maybe can i use adesive termal protection on the exhaust?

Second, when the bike is "hot" it restart only with full open throttle 😕(3/4 kicks) .  Is full stock

Idle jet 45

Needle JJH

Main jet 125

Thank you so much !!



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I think that the "melted" overflow pipe is in fact a hole cut there on purpose to stop the pipe syphoning fuel from the carb.

Poor starting = clean your pilot jet - again.  Reset tickover speed.











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The hose- it is a vent hose for the kehin. yes it will allow fuel to drain if bike is tipped over.  I use tygon fuel line there, it is yellow color, can be found at places that repair chain saws, i use smaller hose. can be pulled tighter to not contact exhaust, my hose goes under kehin,end of hose it wedged in front of clutch slave cylender on left side of engine, secured with a dab of glue. pardon my spelling mistake-s   - It is best to remove carb unassemble and clean with electronic cleaner in spray can. do NOT use carb cleaner it melts rubber parts.

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