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Txt pro gear bearing in crankcase above crankcase breather


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Hello. I have recently removed this 6002 rs bearing with great difficulty....

I am now trying to install a new bearing. 

I have tried the heat freeze method but it won't work for this bearing. I've had the case at 130 degrees and the bearing in the freezer overnight....

I have now got to the point of heating the case and gently trying to press the bearing in. The problem is it starts to go slightly out of alignment no matter what I seem to try. I can measure 1 mm difference accross the bearing.

I'm looking for some advice please 🙏  thank you very much20220717_093038.thumb.jpg.b3efab547b5cf29507cca32e80afaad0.jpg20220717_091912.thumb.jpg.5fe264940bc0b8e778be4dbbb4ed41d9.jpg20220717_093038.thumb.jpg.b3efab547b5cf29507cca32e80afaad0.jpg20220717_093218.thumb.jpg.13ef739e38b6d4c20cc111d86928583f.jpg20220717_092421.thumb.jpg.81b5f0c4721f4bd82fe72e9f6abaa04e.jpg20220717_091925.thumb.jpg.3f42d4da4636b6eb3fd00e08b348e417.jpg

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The crank case bearing housing may be out of round. Check the ID with a telescopic gauge and micrometer across two axis to determine this, or take the case to a machine shop for checking, and if out of round they may be able to machine such that the ID is true. I don't know what the ID would be, but imagine it can't be any more than a thou or two less than the bearing OD. Would be unusual for the bearing housing to be machined out of round, so if it is out of round, something must have caused this. A possibility could be that the chain came off at the gearbox sprocket and jammed up there, perhaps warping the crankcase at the secondary shaft. I know it's remote but, try removing the secondary output bearing next to the one you are trying to replace and see if there is a change in the 6002 bearing fit.  Also, what do you mean when you can measure 1mm difference across the bearing? Where is this measurement taken. Bye, Peter B.

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