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Junior frame or fullsize?


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How to decide, if junior-frame or fullsize frame 80cc.

Both kids are riding, one with Beta Jr 80cc and other decided to ride petrol, so we'll ditch the Oset.

Both are same size 12yo 155-160cm height. Should we take Beta/GasGas 80cc full size frame or Jr/cadet frame as a second bike. So one of them would advance from Jr to fullsize frame. For me it seems quite natural to keep them both on smaller frame for a year or so. But there are some riders advocating for bigger frame without any proper reasoning.

It seems that bigger frame (and tires!) are easier to balance and better climbing on natural obstacles. But on the other hand I'd like them to practice good technique and not to make life too easy for them. 

It is not very competitive riding, more to have fun and get some balance in life.

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Sounds like you already made up your mind.  Depends on the child though really, if they're champing at the bit I'd go with a full size that they'll grow into - less faff with then swapping bikes later when they have a growth spurt, they can learn how to handle the extra weight, and when ready they can tackle larger obstacles.  A larger bike would be more intimidating for some kids, swapping between two different bikes would help their skills round out as well as building their confidence.

My first bike, at age 11, was a '78 Kawasaki KE100 though, so I might be biased towards "full size" bikes for kids.

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Thanks, most probably overthought it.

As soon as he stepped onto the bigger frame, it was all clear. Not that big at all and if to feed them well...

Still 80cc. But as the market is quite good for the 80cc then it is not that big of a hassle to change it to bigger next year.

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