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2004 Scorpa SY250 Overheating


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So I’ve installed a new (2nd hand) impeller and tested it by replacing the radiator with some clear hose and it’s definitely pumping the coolant. I’ve also replaced the radiator with one that doesn’t leak.

Took it a run this evening and I still get the feeling that it’s overheating. The fan comes on and stays on, never going off - this can’t be right can it? And it smells as though something’s burning after you ride it hard. I didn’t see any coolant being expunged out the overflow which is good but maybe I just missed it…

I don’t even know what the question is anymore. I guess I’m asking does it sound like it’s overheating? And what else can I try to prove/disprove the issue?

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3 hours ago, jrsunt said:

When we ran the SY in the early 2000’s they did run very hot. We used to open up the side of the fan shroud (expose more of the fan blades) to help get more heat away from the radiator 

@jrsunt was it normal for the fan to turn on and just never go off?

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