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4RT Countershaft Seal Leak


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Hello all. I came by a second hand 2006 4RT earlier this summer and have been giving it some needed TLC.

The latest issue to pop up is slight weeping from the seal behind the countershaft sprocket. Has anyone replaced this seal and knows if it just slips on over the shaft once the sprocket is off, or if its a major wrenching project? Hoping I can just lay it on its side and complete the task externally. 

I have the service manual and nothing is mentioned about the CS seal. I found the replacement part and its on order, any insight into the procedure would be very helpful. 

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When I inspected the seal last it looked like it was something that could be changed from the outside if the chain and sprocket where removed.  I double checked the manual and it also looks the same in the pictures and one diagram I found.  Image on 4-51, the diagram on 4-54 (Oil seal is #3 in the diagram) and the same image on 4-58 as 5-51. 

The diagram is the most convincing image that make me think if you could pull it from the outside in the manual to me, however I haven't needed to do that so I can't say 100% for sure.  Sadly that is about the only place I could find a any info in the book and it isn't much to go on. 

Hope that helps.

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40 minutes ago, jimmyl said:

Maybe a bit of dirt was in the lip of the seal and now come out 

Hopefully its just that. I had just changed the gear oil after picking up the bike second-hand, and it really needed the fresh gear oil. At first I was worried it was from switching oil brands, not weight, and that had made the seal swell or contract or something but since its stopped im not making trouble by pondering it. 

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