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Trials riding is good for you - official


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More specifically good balance.  https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2022/nov/02/can-you-stand-on-one-leg-for-10-seconds-why-balance-could-be-a-matter-of-life-and-death-and-how-to-improve-yours

Shame the article did not highlight motorcycle trials as a superb way to maintain balance and something very very suitable for older people, ladies particularly.

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As someone who falls ( no pun intended ) into this category, there is a lot of sense in this article  . However , joint damage over many years abusing one’s body , can cause issues with the indicated exercises . Thai chi is a good solution . 
 Cycling outdoors is a good way of maintaining lower body strength ( not necessarily total off road - gravel / track riding ) does help whilst keeping the loads on lower joints acceptable ( relatively pain free ) . 
  That’s my two penny worth ,

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