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youth bike / wheel swap


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Hello, I've been researching what bike to get my son. He's 9 and has been doing trials lessons at bumpy (birstall uk) and has been riding an Oset kids bike. He wants to get back into the petrol / gears he started on so ive been researching bike options. That research had brought me here and has been helpful to read other parents posts and questions. 

Ive been thinking the best bet would be a Beta 80cc. However there are not many juniors about. My question is, are the wheels interchangeable? for example. If I found him a senior 80, could I purchase some junior wheels? I feel he'd out grow a junior fast. 


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First thing is to state that at that age they outgrow the bikes at about the same rate as their boots.    Having owned both types of bike I would expect your suggestion to be an expensive route, swinging arm, suspension and brake calipers are all different.  The good thing is that both 80 models hold their prices well so buying and selling a year later doesn't usually cost you a lot.

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I bought a 2016 Beta 80JR for my son a couple years back, it is great, build quality is good enough, have not had any problems with it. I have heard the Beta is by far the best JR model. He is 8.5 now and I suspect it will last him at least two or three more years. It has a great clutch and was a breeze for him to learn the clutch at 7 and a bit years old.

My neighbor got a really good deal on a Beta SR80 and scooped it up thinking it was the same as ours, it is much bigger and as arthritic said it would be a lot of cash to transform, his is now for sale.

Maybe reach out to some trials clubs and see if someone knows of one being outgrown?

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Thanks thats much helpful. My classified searching has only found one 80JR. a 2020 Beta Evo 80 junior for £2500. Looks clean. Is this a good price? Its a bit over budget... Failing that ill try some clubs


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Yes £2500 is top end, would have to had little use. But could be worth it.   They attract the Christmas period sales,  usually the new ones come out late November for that reason, however last year they didn't come until March and there were quite a few secondhand ones available at that time. Maybe worth checking with a Beta dealer when the new ones are due this year.

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