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Hi all, new to trials but not to off road ride mx in the summer but just bought beta evo 250 to play on during winter. Haven't riden a trials bike in over 30 years so see what happens. Just need some ridding gear now























































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Welcome :) trials bikes are great in winter, they can cope with quite a bit of snow and are easier to step off of when things go wrong!

As for gear, any old stuff will do to get started - some people (like me) only use special boots and helmet, everything else is just normal clothes.  I only put on my special trials trousers when it's really hot.

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MX boots will be a bit inflexible, and they don't have enough grip on the sole ... work boots can be used for just pottering about though!

As for the Evo, as long as it's been cared for it'll be fine :) any bike is worth going through though, if you have any doubts

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Whatever you do, make sure you match and try to match your bike as well. Nothing is worse than seeing someone having tons of fun in mismatched clothing. Make sure your pants are tight enough and bright enough as well, thats what it's all about! And what richt mentioned, trials helmet is so nice to breathe out of, talk out of and keep the head cool.

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