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Ducati pick up coil , distance to flywheel??


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Hello, what's the recommended gap to flywheel please? And also spark plug gap?

Could a pick up coil cause hot starting issues??

Can I buy a replacement easily? 

Thanks in advance. 


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The air gap between the pick up coil and the flywheel is 0.6mm +/- 0.1. 

I also have the Horse Power Ignition parts and they work well. Thanks Willy!

Note when you install the HPI parts there is no drawing and it is not clear that the HPI CDI takes DC power. The Original Ducati Energeria has 2 yellow wires and if you ohm the pins it seems that they are connected inside so you would think the CDI is AC (power jumped from the stator to the CDI through the regulator). I really don't know if the original CDI is AC or DC but the HPI CDI is DC. 

Ping me if this does not make sense and I could share a drawing. 




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