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Model 85 Alpina


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I'm always interested in the way Bultaco changed things on some models without changing the model number. The model numbers that had the most changes are the most interesting to me. I have a fair handle on the changes through model 49 and through model 91/92 but not the others.

I'm rebuilding a model 85 at the moment so am particularly interested in knowing at what production numbers the model 85 changes happened? I'm most interested in when the footpeg mounts became welded on, the swingarm pivot nuts were recessed into the frame, the steering security lock was fitted, the chain tensioner became rearward-facing and the chain oiler was incorporated.

I only have two model 85s to refer to, one in the 2000s and one in the 5000s, so I'm hoping others can reveal what is on their model 85s.

I've seen the sales brochure for model 85 Alpina and that bike has bolt-on footpeg mounts so I assume that bike was early in model 85.

My model 85 in the 2000s has welded-on footpeg mounts and recessed swingarm pivot nuts, forward facing chain tensioner, no steering security lock and no chain oiler.

My model 85 in the 5000s has welded-on footpeg mounts, rearward chain tensioner, steering security lock and chain oiler

I figure that the footpeg mounts became welded-on type at the same time that the swingarm pivot nuts were recessed.

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feetup -

My 85 is a late one - well into the 6000's, and has the same details as your later one.

Bultaco went to welded-on footrest mounts ser. # 2328 onwards. Not sure about the recessed s/arm pivot or steering lock fitment, although addition of a steering lock took place on contemporary?  Sherpa model 91 quite early on in its production.

Rearward chain tensioner and chain oiler swing arm from ser. # 2546 onwards.

This information from Bultaco parts listings, not from personal experience of examining every Alpina 85 ever made, you understand.....

Does it agree with your actual serial nos. ?

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