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Advice on 4T evo. Great difference in riding 2017 - 2018 or later


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i would like to buy a Beta Evo 4T and would like to know iff riding the 2018 model or later is a bigg difference 
with the 2017 or earliier models. Al your advice or experience is welcome.


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I've had a few of them.  They haven't changed too much over the years, As ever, condition is paramount. Go for the 300, as the 250 is a little underpowered. Lovely to ride between sections too. The 300 Factory has a bit more aggressive power delivery, but this can be smoothed out by using the standard tailpipe.  I,ve never had any trouble with any of mine. Check that the seller has changed the oil regularly & knows where all of the filters are. Worth trying a 9 tooth front sprocket if you find it runs on a bit in bottom gear. Middle box needs a bit of a heat shield fitting, as its easy to scorch your riding gear / leg . Run  with a highish idle, as they are very occasionally prone to the 4 stroke "cough". Some people report hot start problems, but I've never experienced this personally.

Good bikes, well made. 

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Best thing ive done is replace the standard fast throttle with an Amal 80/200 slower one. Makes big difference to me, maybe thats cos im rubbish! 

Had a 2016, got a 2017 factory(for sale) and tried a 2019 cant feel much difference other than the factory upgrades. Always had a bosi exhaust on, sounds amazing

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