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Beta tr32, tr33, tr34, tr35


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Hello. I have a question regarding Beta tr32,tr33,tr34,tr35 and my question is: Does Beta tr32, tr33, tr34 and tr35 have the same engine and if not what is the  differense between them? I bought one not too long ago and it is a TR32, I don`t know what year model it is. i belive its 81-89 Can you guys help me to find out?  And by the way, does someone know where I can get parts or more information?           

Best regards, Bjørn.

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TR32  years  1984 and 1985                      TR33  1986                 TR34  1987                          TR34 Replica   1988          TR34 Campionato 1989                    TR35  years   1990 and 1991

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Not much help, my TR34, if that's what it actually was was an 89 I seem to recall.  I was told they came in both 240 and 260 at some stage.  

If you check the rims there will be writing stamped on them saying when the rims were made.  Now a 1989 model could have been made late 1988 or with rims left over from then. Or they could be same year.  But unless replaced won't be newer.  So it gives you a good clue, and there's two to compare. 

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