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Rebuild a Brak-Tec front Caliper

been there

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I don't know if the Brak-Tec caliper on my GasGas is the same as yours but here goes.

I have a 4 piston mono block caliper.  I decided to clean the pistons and reassemble

I did it one piston at a time. NOTE: I did not remove the large Torx plugs in the caliper.

1. disconnect brake hose from caliper - drain as much brake out of the caliper as you can, some will remain

2. wrap mechanics wire around the 3 pistons you want to stay in the caliper

3. using compressed air "pop" the 4th non-wired piston out

4. At this point I cleaned the piston and reassembled, you would pull the seal out of the caliper with a pick. Lube the new seal (I just use brake fluid), insert new seal. Lube new piston, insert new piston.

5. wrap mechanics wire around the new piston, unwire next piston to be changed.

6. repeat for all 4 pistons.

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22 hours ago, been there said:

Thanks Zippy.

Can those large pucks (or caps) be removed and if so, is there a special tool required ?

I am not positive, but I believe they can be removed, and it is a very large torx bit.

I don't have one that size, so had no interest in removing them.

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