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13 Evo 250 Clutch Steels with lip on outer edge.


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During my clutch inspection I found two steels that had lips along the outer perimeter on one side that the adjacent friction fits nicely into.

These aren’t mentioned anywhere in the manuals I found, do they go in a special location in the stack?

The frictions were all within spec so I reassembled as it came apart and flipped the spring washers so the raised area was nestled inside the spring, lowering the effecting preload pressure on the springs.

Clutch is a lightswitch, I’m hoping to get more progressiveness in its action….



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My 2014 Factory model came with those.  The parts list shows them in positions 2 & 4 of 6.  There was something else different about the clutch too, maybe the hub.  I could never figure out what the additional features were supposed to do.  The clutch did not work any better or any worse than any other Beta clutch.    



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