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I've got my beta Evo insured through Adrian flux on a sorn policy. It is simply a fire and theft policy. I don't have a motorcycle licence either. Not having a licence caused issues with certain insurance companies. I think it's called laid up insurance. They are fairly reasonable at about £200 but excess is £500. Still it's better than having a total loss on a stolen bike.

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I just added it to my roadside multibike policy.  They just took the registration number, and immediately knew make and model etc.  Fully comp.  Not sure thatbthey would cover without a v5 registration number.....?

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My road bike policy will add a trials bike (Third party, fire & theft) for a pound.  As the trials bike is smaller cc it is lower risk.

Read the policy carefully - all of it.  Some insurance will be invalid if the bike is SORN and most people just want the theft element, so pain if not covered due to something or another in small print.  Anti theft device (chain and padlock for example) often needs to be fitted as well if stored in a shed.

Third party cover will not cover competitions.  ACU insurance does not cover competitions - when on a trial you are your own risk - hit another rider and expect to be sued.

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