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1998 TX 250 parts


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Hi, I'm currently looking at a bargain basement TX 250 which I believe to be a 1998 model based on what I can find online. I am looking for a project bike as opposed to something ready to go and this one may seem to fit the bill.


It is currently missing it's rear brake master cylinder. I'd like to check how the TX differs from the later and far more common TXT for parts such as this, and other consumables such as discs, pads, fork seals etc. Would I struggle to find the right parts or were Gas Gas kind enough to not change too much over the years?


Thanks you for the help. 👍

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Jitsie is a good start if you don't have gasgas dealers to ride with.  

Trials bike dealers ride regional events, seek out others to ride with and you will have no problem sourcing parts and expertise.  

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It's a very common and popular model and all trials bikes are constant maintenance if you ride them lots, fortunately they are easy to work on if you can replace parts.  I buy bearings and seals in the city and specialty items from motorcycle dealers that I ride with, lots of the items come from Jitsie.  If the forks are trashed that's where I would end up buying them from, things like brake assemblies are very interchangeable, engine parts not so much, then you need that dealer contact.

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Unfortunatly that might not be the case. Gas gas started making thier own brakes through the Hebo brand and they had a short longevity.

Myself I would RUN  away from a Gas Gas that old. Do a little research with real dealers on availibilty.

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