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Restarting After Running Out OF Gas


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If a 4RT runs out of gas are there any special procedures required to restart after filling the tank? I'm thinking maybe bleeding air out of the fuel pump or injector. I don't see anything mentioned in the owner's manual. Thanks.

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The pump should be completely submerged, if yours does not want to play after you ran it dry you might have cooked the pump.  If you wanted to just check for fuel pressure you could just loosen or remove the banjo connector bolt and see if you have fuel flow, that test is covered in the service manual.  Fuel injection pumps depend on the fuel for cooling, you should never run it real low or dry on fuel as that may result in a cooked fuel pump which is going to cost you close to a grand to replace.

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It should self prime with a couple kicks after adding fuel.  After that you may need to give it full throttle and a single kick to reset the ECU for it to start but that would be about it unless as indicated by lemur the pump failed.

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1 hour ago, doxiedad said:

I reset the ECU and it fired up 2 kicks. Thanks.

Strongly advise that in future you keep the tank topped up, you got lucky.

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