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Ossa explorer Ollé Forks


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Two different manufacturers.  Seems unlikely to me.  Post some photos of your Olle internals.  What is the distance (completely unweighted) from the center of the axle to the top of the stanchion?

Where would you buy Marzocchi internals anyway?  A complete fork swap seems more doable.


Or are you asking if the fender, caliper, and wheel will swap over?  That is very likely to be a bolt-on operation..

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I was thinking more about consumable parts such as dust or oil seal, springs, bush kit, etc I can't find information or parts anywhere and I wanted to use them in my built Fantic Mono.


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Thank you very much. This means that there is a chance that basic service can be carried out using them. 
Thanks to this, I will be able to use them in my fantic project. I don't have high expectations for them. after service, they should fulfill their purpose.



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