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What motors fit a Scorpa TY 175 4 stroke?


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My Scorpa TY175 (1995 EDIT: 2005) died with gearbox damage.
The repair will take longer, if it is possible at all.
Hence my question: which engines fit in the frame? It should be a standard Yamaha engine in terms of dimensions? Are there perhaps cheap Chinese replicas that I can install first?
Even if it is 125ccm and the characteristics are not very typical for trials, I wouldn't mind.

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I did not realize Scorpa was making those in 1995.  Can you post a picture of the engine?

The 175cc 4T Scorpas I've seen in the USA were based on the Yamaha TT-R125.  But the TT-R was not introduced (here at least) until about 2000.

I've owned several TT-R125s over the years.  They are excellent engines and easy to work on.

The Chinese pitbike motors were patterned after Honda designs.

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The Jianshe/Yamaha 125 engine is a direct copy of the Yamaha YBR / TTR 125 engine - the same as fitted to yours.  (Jianshe is 50% owned by Yamaha).  Most/all the parts are interchangable.  They are fitted to the new Sherco and Scorpa TY 125 4t.  Also fitted to the new AJS 125 and many others too.

You will need to get a small engineering company to make you a 39.5mm aluminium bung with a rubber o-ring made to seal up the starter motor hole (pull the starter motor to see what's needed).  (mine cost me £20 a couple of years ago).   Also remove the starter motor dog gear mechanism and the large gear wheel on the back of the flywheel.  

Leezy will sell you a big bore kit for it (e.bay).




JS154 FMI YBR 125 Engine - Jianshe, Yamaha

Search Facebook For Sale and e.bay

Or, buy a new one:

Jianshe JS125-6C (china-parts.co.uk)

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 Have you dated the bike properly - use the frame numbers .Yamaha YBR125 engine will slot straight into frame - add a 150 conversion . Works just fine . I know I’ve done it a few times ,

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