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Any here that have put on a new complete decal set?


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They sell complete new decal sets for trial bikes on eBay for a cheap price so i wonder if any here on the forum have put on these new decal sets?

If you have put a new decal set on your bike so please tell us about the quality of the decal sets and please post a picture of your bike with new decals 😊 😊

The picture below of a decal set for a Gas Gas TXT Pro is from ebay, UK

Gas Gas TXT Pro decal set from ebay.jpg

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Cheaper vinyl will not be as durable as some of the more expensive types.

 The surface that you are fixing onto MUST be ABSOLUTELY clean.

Wash, wash wash, then wipe down with IPA.


You will need :

A trigger spray bottle with soapy water. Spray the surface with this. Helps slide the film into the exact position.

A hair dryer to help the film stay as flexible as possible in cartain positions

A squeegee - old credit card

A good eye for lining the film up

An absorbent cloth to mop up.

Once in position, leave fro 24 hours or so for full drying and adhesive bonding.


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I've fitted a couple of non genuine sets.  The piece that goes on top of the airbox can be the trickiest part of the job and you need some masking tape to hold it in place until the soapy water has dispersed and properly dry (24 hours).

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So the decal sets are made of film that you use soapy water when applying it on the bike. 

This film is so thin. I thought it was kin of "thick" stickers with glue on the backside.

I once had a company close to where i live making a proper decals set for an old TXT 321 for me and i do not think i paid more for that job than what the decal set cost on ebay. 

Perhaps if i buy a decal set and have this compane just use them as templates and have the company make a proper set of decals with glue on the backside is the way to go?


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The film has to be 'thin' in order to fit smoothly to the curves of the panels. Hair dryer helps in keeping it pliable.

Using soapy water is normal for applying self adhesive graphics.

It is 'thin' sticker with adhesive on the back.

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Posted (edited)

I asked a seller on ebay about the decal set and the below is the question i asked and the ebay sellers reply:

My question:

I just wonder if this decal set for Gas Gas TXT Pro is made of thin vinyl that applied on the bike using soapy water or if is more thick decals with glue on the backside?
I have 2 TXT Pro bikes i am thinking of replacing the decals on.

Hope for a quick reply


The ebay sellers answer:

they are printed on high tack self adhesive vinyl & laminated
with thick MOTO X quality gloss laminate making them a thick





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