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2021 txt 280 misfire


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Hi guys m I’m hoping to get some opinions here for a problem I have with the bike.

txt 280 2021, not done a lot of hours. 

I’ve got a real splutter/misfire coming off closed throttle to 1/4 throttle . 

I’ve stripped and rebuilt the carb, new o ring seals everything , but the problem is still there . 

so it’s pointing at the electrical side now I’m guessing . My cdi pins are pretty furred up, so I’ve cleaned them , but still no joy. 

can anyone else recommend where I look ? Is there a way to test if the cdi unit itself is the problem? I’m checking all my earths and connections now .


any advice appreciated .

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Trouble-shooting and always having replacement parts on hand is the biggest reason to buy trials bikes in pairs, nothing beats having a second bike of the same model and swapping entire assemblies until you locate the problem, especially when a carburetor, throttle body or CDI module is in question.  ... any friends that own the same model bike?  That can work too.  

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1 hour ago, lemur said:

...nothing beats having a second bike of the same model and swapping entire assemblies....

So true!

To the OP, it's often difficult to tell the difference between an electrical misfire and a fueling misfire.  I'd richen the jet needle clip to see if you can move the misfire to a differed throttle position.

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