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Good Afternoon!

I am looking at getting into trial biking, and have a friend who is selling his Sherco 200 (2003 model). Do you think its a suitable beginner bike to be starting on? I've been riding 600s on the road for 2 years now but really want to get into trials. Any advice for a beginner would be greatly appreciated.

I also wanted to ask if anyone could help me gauge how much one of these Shercos are worth and how much I should be paying? The bike my friend has is in great condition and has been well looked after. (photo attached).

Many thanks!

Sherco 200.jpg

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I had that exact bike in my stable until just a month ago.  Although called a 200, it actually displaces 163cc.  It exhibits all the desirable characteristics of a 125, with just a bit more torque.  It is the most beginner-friendly reliable trials bike I could imagine, and super-easy to start.  It's the one trials bike I said I would "never sell" because it was perfect to introduce anyone to the sport of trials.  But alas, I ran out of newbie friends and space.

The only possible downside is the ignition system.  My 2003 had the bulletproof Ducati Energia system.  Slightly later models used a vastly less reliable Leonelli system.  Follow this link to see a picture of the two flywheels side by side: https://www.electricmotiontech.com/home/what-makes-a-good-trials-motor/flywheel-inertia  The Ducati is marked 200, the Leonelli is marked 125.

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Thank you Konrad, 

How much money do you reckon I should be willing to part with for the bike? I'd be interested to know what yours went for roughly a month ago.

I'm looking forward at getting into trials and hopefully join a beginner friendly club soon!


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Igor, I don't think the selling price of my bike is relevant and that's why I did not mention it.  A long list of modifications, spare parts (and the promise of technical support) was part of the sale.  

Local market conditions play a huge role in price -- look for comparables where you live.  Condition has an even greater effect on price.  The bike looks clean, but as a wise man one said, the cheapest restoration you can do is with a camera.  Is the shock leaking, does it need crank bearings, etc.?  When was the last fork service performed?  Does the clutch operate properly?  How old are the tires?

In the end, it's worth what you and the seller agree it's worth.

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Is it ownership registered?  Nobody can guess at the value when we don't even know what country the bike is in, are we shopping in euros, US$ or loonies?   That looks to be about a 3200 loonie motorcycle here in Canada which might mean nothing depending on where you live.  Less value if it can not be plated for off-road use because that would make it ridable only on private land and in closed course competition events. ymmv

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Thanks Konrad / Lemur,

Noted on your points... I had already checked similar bikes being sold locally (South London area), and as you said there isn't much more to go off of after that other than the bikes condition...

Luckily the owner currently has the entire bikes worth in spare/ new parts including a clutch and forks which he is also throwing in. 

Appreciate your responses! Hopefully I'll make a deal on it soon.


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I have the 250 version and i got to say that bike is very clean for its age, you can tell it hasnt done much. Normally id say £1000-1500 for that age of bike, but thats a particularly clean version , asking more would be justified

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