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  1. the replacement frame has no frame no. as the last frame was completely written off and the crankcases were replaced as well with a old set of non matching code that would make it an 05 ( front of casing under exaughst) doesn't realy matter but would be nice to know how to prove it is if someone asked basicaly everything on the bike has been replaced over the last 2 years
  2. just got a replacement frame for my gasgas 2011 but it doesn't have a frame no. and my crankcases don't have a no. on the front either how can i prove its 2011 thanks
  3. thanks laser would it still be possible to use an early cases then as it doesnt have the machined ks stop pocket beacuse it could save me alot of money thanks
  4. can you fit a pair of old style gas gas crank cases (pre 07) on a 2011 engine Gas Gas thanks frazer
  5. ill agree with that mist multiple events this year to the bike to busy in bits for photos
  6. sorry nigel can't come down Saturday go to go with the family do you own a shop then? i would like to buy a new one in a few months when the 2013 are coming out and the 2012 is cheaper ( don't think that effects the warranty) i was going to do it then because i would have had my lessons with alexz wigg and will be on the red route by then (less chance of dropping it as im nearly there now if beta do replace the stators for free that's good but how comes there going if none of the other companies have the problem and its bound to go in an a event but i think now its a matter of what suites me when im riding thanks guys didn't know the situation was like this i thought that there would be a clear winner but it just seems to be that you go for what you like to ride because there all quite reliable good running bikes
  7. while looking around a bit more i have seen that beta's seem to have a lot of stator problems what isn't what you want while your in an event so im looking at sherco and gas gas what does anyone know about aftermarket services are like and any experiences thanks
  8. thanks for the good honest answer telecat that put it in to perspective of what there like i will take your advice and see what feels right when you ride it because i suppose its diffrent for every thanks for the suggestions
  9. looking at the bikes on the market this year and they all look very good what's everyone's view and experiences with 2012's and any problems thanks frazer
  10. can any one tell me some tips on getting the rear wheel high enough on a jap zap i am struggling because i don't way enough to compress the forks but i don't want to change them any tips on how to do them or how to get the wheel higher thanks frazer (all ready watched ryan young got the video)
  11. hi i have a gas gas 125 txt pro 06 and the kick-start hits the peg so i was wondering if anyone knew if a beta grubber kick rubber would fit
  12. hi i have a gas gas 125 txt pro 06 and my kick start hits the peg everytime i kick it leaving me with massive chunks out my kick and if it does it any more it will snap