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  1. Ive lost my breather pipe on montesa 4rt,any ideas what size and where i can get some from . Lewis
  2. Hi Im changing my 4rt gearbox oil too ELF HTX ,in the manual it says 0.54 litre,which means i wont get 2 oil changes per bottle,has anyone just put 0.50 litre in ,or am i just being really tight ? Lewis
  3. Hi Just getting back into trials after a few years off a bit stumped on what bike to go for,ive had 2 scorpa sy,Beta 200 rev3,4rt.I must admit im slightly leaning towards another 4rt but im no good at mechanics which is putting me of a 4stroke a bit. I will have a maximum of
  4. did anyone ride at keypitts , a few people have told me you can practice there ? does any one know anything about this , i only live up the road so would be handy ,thanks lewis
  5. finally got my bike 06 scorpa sy 250 at last, it was a toss up between 4rt and sy ,ive had a 05 4rt , 01 scorpa ,04 200 beta ,beta was great to ride and mantain but i just dont like the look of them , to help me decide i bought 06 ssdt trial ,after watching it a few times i think scorpa ,4rt looked the most sorted in sections ,i know different abilitys come in to it ,overall i thought both bikes held there line best ,so started looking, not many 4rt about
  6. happy new year everyone,sold my 4rt about a year ago and regretted it ever since ,so looking to buy another bike .thought about getting another 4rt ,probably 05 any ideas how much there going for now? ,ive got about
  7. just a follow up on monthys mail,4rt on ebay for
  8. i burnt a hole in my jeans ,but the bike whas on top of me ,ive never moved so quick ,got the scar to prove it , it seems to me that trials jeans are way to flimsy ,5mm of foam on the knee is not going to do anything ,nothing on the hips ,for us thirtysomethings you need some protection ,i know you have to be able to move freely ,but it wouldnt make that much difference not at clubman level,besides at
  9. ive got to put some new tyres on the 4rt,i ride all sorts of terrain ,any one tried some different tyres ,thoughts would be helpful .also my spark plugs seem to be really black and sooty ,what do you reckon ,its my first 4 stroke so dont really know.thanks
  10. where do you get mesh from ,and how do you fix it in place ,thanks
  11. hello mate ,i left some money on window for you hope you got it ok,see you sunday.
  12. right, now ive sorted throttle ill tell you about first ride ,first thing i noticed was i felt quite high up on the pegs,clutch wasnt to bad ,power really smooth and plenty of it,i did have trouble locating rear brake it felt like i had to have my heal on the foot peg,bike did run away from me a bit going up a stream ,but it made me smile ,another suprising thing was the so called weight of the 4rt ,ive got a pick up so when it came to loading her up i was worried i wouldnt be able to get the bike up there ,well i tell you what it was easier to run it up the ramp than my beta 200 ,felt a lot lighter . i know its going to take some getting used to ,but i wouldnt change it for any other bike well maybe a new 06 one .
  13. just spoke to sandifords ,turns out the **** that had it before me routed cable to come out of left side of tank ,ive now run cable up the right hand side of frame and coming out right hand side of tank ,sorted !! thanks for replys.
  14. its just a standard set of renthals ive put on ,see the bloke who had it before me cut a bit of the bars ,to narrow for me ,thats why i cant understand why it would make cable tight.
  15. go on then how much ??