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  1. and looks like a set off bantam forks resting on the shelves they may have been on the bike? and he has put japs on,
  2. deof looks like bantam frame from the swing arm, and the tank looks like the d1/d2
  3. yes! thats the one what a trial! would love to ride it! i am hoping to go see it in 2013
  4. sorry didnt work, but if you go on youtube and put in scottish classic trial 2011 you will find it, about an hour long great
  5. good vid on youtube
  6. when is on? i would love to come watch!
  7. it wont let me post a link so heres the item number 330848747566 worth alook at least
  8. i wasnt born then, i am only 20, but its still great fun plus i dont think any bantam looked like this when it was new
  9. heres some pics of the bantam a few weeks ago when it was dry haha, no has tank badges and a todd head
  10. trials 5.jpg

    From the album bsa trials

  11. trials 2

    From the album bsa trials

  12. hey all, been playing about on the bantam over the last few months, i like it alot, the thing is i want more power! i have a Todd head fitted and a ts185 piston fitted, but i have seen bantams on ebay and sites with 198cc?? how do i get this? i know i have to re bore the barrel but what piston will fit? any help would be great cheers Mikey
  13. hi there here is my bantam trials bike since the pic was taken i have put a todd head it makes it alot better well worth the money but they dont come cheap!! try ebay they come on there
  14. thanks for the help
  15. hi all, my brother has just got this bultaco out a barn! just want to know what it is i know its a bultaco but is it 350 or 250?? it started 4th kick its scruffy but runs good and pulls well, any help would be great cheers Mikey