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  1. To be honest I don't know anyone in Warrington but inch perfect, sandifords, kelcoats,,trials Wales or trials UK all would be able to and are all within an hour travelling time and will do you a great job. Other than that if you give me a shout tomorrow, without doubt there's a couple of blokes there who probably know others maybe more local that can help you out.
  2. 99% certain I'll be there, but am watching the wire tomorrow in Leeds so you never know how that may end up. You taking your bike or just watching ?
  3. Good to see you got sorted, looks very tidy for its age. For advice suggest you just do some searches on the gas gas forum as every bit of information you need is probably there. For fluids and clutches these have been done many times and many different opinions. If you need something specific just ask and you will definatley get the information or specific advice you need. Good luck and enjoy it, that's the main thing! Col - not really thought about price yet, but message me if you want. Hopefully see you both at the next Frodsham Trial!
  4. Both ... I'm in croft so Col 10 mins from you and Al 5 mins from you when you move to culcheth. Give me a shout if you need anything or advice, I may be able to help. Oh and just about to upgrade my 2005 250 so if you want to try out a gasser before you buy let me know. Cheers coops
  5. I'm in Warrington as well (North) and have been riding again for a couple of years now... As Nelly says Frodsham is a great place to ride and a really friendly club with good beginners routes and you're also well placed for Manchester 17 who also do dead easy trials designed for beginners. I also ride up at Darwen which isn't too far either and has some great trials on different types of land from Frodsham if you want different options. I'll be at Frodsham on the 2nd and can introduce you to a few people if you want or if you have any questions drop me a message. Hope you get bike sorted soon and can get stuck in!
  6. Nelly, good work young man, nice second for you pal ... Think you and clay could be due a step up now can try out the 50/50 class soon as we start running it !! Oh and you're right about the club being in good hands .. things look bright now and hopefully with support we'll go from strength to strength!! Joe, any chance we could get any of your photos to use on the new web site, would be great if that was possible?? Message me if it's possible. Cheers
  7. Joe, are you on the Bulc? If so looking forward to seeing that.! Not sure I if there's anywhere local these days to pay and play but you may just have to settle for Sunday. Anyway I'll be up there on Sunday so will keep an eye out and drop by and say hello!
  8. Start it up and stand it upright, if it's about 3/4 up the sight glass then it's about right. Given the bikes new to you, If I was you I'd drop the oil anyway, clean and oil the air filter and put some fresh oil in so you know where you're starting from.. then repeat regularly. No point scrimping on oil, fresher the better so just change regularly. Once you've done that I'd work your way round the bike and check / change all fluids etc so you know where you're up to... Most of all enjoy the bike and have some fun
  9. Ha ha .... nice one 'Ted' ... was it your usual, 'nowt to worry about Ian .. what harm can a couple of rocks and a gentle slope do, you'll be fine... oops!!' Anyway, hope he was ok and enjoyed having his cherry and bike broke by you and Backcowm!! Now he's got the bug there'll be no stopping him.. DId you take the new bike?
  10. Cheers Nelly, just realised it's the father in laws bday party so instead of having fun I'll be there! Least there's plenty of beer to make up for it!! See you at frodsham I guess
  11. Nelly - where you riding next week mate? Clay - try just leave it around outside the front of the house, the local yoofs may do a Banksy free of charge....job done!!
  12. I bought an 05 250 20 months ago, got to say its a great bike to start again on. Mine was low use, good nick and runs well and was perfect for me getting back into it after 20yrs! It's got enough manageable and controllable grunt, easy to ride and is still miles better than I am. Bike is easy to maintain, just keep the filter clean, change the oil regularly and keep it greased up and it'll treat you right. If you get one just make sure you buy a carb spacer from cambs trials as it saves a whole load of effort cleaning and refitting the air filter !!
  13. Thanks for the pics - and for the fact they're feet up! The Bultaco looks superb btw, always loved them, looks like you've done a cracking job on it - does it run as well as it looks? Hope to see you and the bike in the not too distant future !
  14. I've had both extremes - left knee -snapped ACL playing football 15 years ago and have had full reconstruction and subsequently 6 ops since to keep it going (clean up scar tissue, shave the bone etc) and it's never quite been right since but I can still ride. Then my right knee - had all the same sort of symptoms that you mention about 5 years ago, got referred and had a minor op to tidy up cartlidge and out in one day and back driving in a week and back to normal in a few more but only off work for a couple of days initially (depends on the job I guess)..riding in 6 weeks and never given me a moments trouble since. There are common elements in both though - if it's a problem get it sorted early - go and see a doctor and get referred to a specialst for checks / MRI. No point keep putting it off because if there's a problem it will only get worse and cause more damage and affect your enjoyment. Get a good physio, I've had many and my last one was a revelation.. no more plain and simple hospital rehab but deep tissue massage, hi intensity excercises to build muscle and plenty of hands on manipulation.. worked really well. If you do end up having an op don't rush back before it's properly healed, give it time (easier said than done as I know) and it'll save you loads of time in the long run. Ignore the macho types that brag they are back riding in a week which they may be, but probably have had loads of problems since. The main thing is though to keep your leg strength up once your back fit again and then your quads and hamstrings will protect the knee joint more than anything else. Oh and I once asked my consultant about a knee brace and he said not to bother as your body just gets used to it and I'd be better off just trying to maintain muscle around the knee instead. Good luck
  15. BR - no pictures but that's no bad thing.. I was no86 - red gasser 05, black MOTS helmet and probably a 'suprised' expression or one (or more likely two) foot down!! Switzerland .. that's a long way to travel for a few pics, do you get over often - maybe you could bring your bike (or see if you can borrow one) and come and play in the future. Really good pictures though ! Thanks again