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  1. M91 Sherpa clutch

    Has anyone tried leaving 3 springs off a M91 or similar clutch to make the action lighter? It has the original steel plates with the pin type retainers.
  2. 4RT oil leak at water pump hole

    Yes you are correct that the seal is leaking. Both bikes I have had this happen to were brand new. One had about an hours use the other had about 5 minutes. Question is: has anyone else had this seal fail causing oil to come out of the water pump hole.
  3. 4RT oil leak at water pump hole

    Hi all, has anyone had any problems with oil leaking out of the small hole in the case at the bottom of water pump? I had a new 2015 that leaked after a few hours and now a 2017 that is leaking after about 15 minutes. I replaced associated seals and washers in the 2015 and had no more problems. Wondering if this is a common problem?
  4. 1990 TLM 260

    Any idea what model bike the piston came from?
  5. 1990 TLM 260

    I have 2 in pieces with worn out pistons and pitted conrods that are unobtainable. These parts will need to be specially made.
  6. 199B Sherpa Triple Clamps

    I have had 3 199B’s. All in the USA. All had Bing carbs. 2 had pinch bolts top clamps with the one I currently have having the taper type top clamps. The one I currently have has a frame number in between the other two. It also has screws through the rims as tyre clamps and a lug welded to the frame but not drilled for the late alloy top engine mount.
  7. 199B Sherpa Triple Clamps

    Hey Rod, I have a 199B with taper top forks from the factory. A bit more flex that the pinch bolt type tops.
  8. 199A Setup

    The exhaust header pipes crack at the lip where it folds over to meet the gasket area. Brazes up nicely to make a repair.
  9. 2006 Rev-3 parts?

    Hi all, Are parts still available for the 2006 270 Rev-3? namely engine bits (piston kits) and plastics? Thanks
  10. Bultaco m27 San Antonio

    Here is my M27 for reference. All original down to the tires.
  11. 2018 new model info??

    The repsol edition with a 300 engine would be the one for me!!
  12. 340 gearbox diagram.

    What size OKO ? i want to fit one to my 199A but have been told sizes to put on are 26, 28 and 30 so far. Can anyone confirm a size that works nice?
  13. 2018 new model info??

    When do Honda/Montesa normally release new model information/upgrades?
  14. 340 gearbox diagram.

    What size OKO ?
  15. Honda RTL carburettor

    Hi all, anyone replaced the carb on an RTL and had success? - what type of carb was used and where would it be available? My RTL carb slide sticks even though the retaining nuts are a bit over finger tight. Gets worse if any tighter. Any suggestions on a fix or carb replacement greatly appreciated. Mark.