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  1. Here is my M27 for reference. All original down to the tires.
  2. The repsol edition with a 300 engine would be the one for me!!
  3. What size OKO ? i want to fit one to my 199A but have been told sizes to put on are 26, 28 and 30 so far. Can anyone confirm a size that works nice?
  4. When do Honda/Montesa normally release new model information/upgrades?
  5. What size OKO ?
  6. Hi all, anyone replaced the carb on an RTL and had success? - what type of carb was used and where would it be available? My RTL carb slide sticks even though the retaining nuts are a bit over finger tight. Gets worse if any tighter. Any suggestions on a fix or carb replacement greatly appreciated. Mark.
  7. What size and type OKO carbs are you using? The 26mm flat slide? With or with out power jet? Thanks, mark g
  8. Fibre plates are the way to go. You can then use softer springs as not as much compression is needed to create the drive thru the plates. Heavy duty springs I have found are just that, making the clutch action heavier. I have seen a few set up with 3 springs and fibre plates and this seems to work ok depending on the situation. I think it's important also to set the clutch up so it releases squarely and evenly.
  9. Thanks Johnny! I booked in town so all set!!
  10. Does anyone know roughly how far the trials site will be from the actual city of Kingman, AZ? Thanks, Mark G
  11. To chime in on an older post: Are you saying there is no wiring between ECU and the injector? The latter is fired/triggered over Bluetooth connectivity?
  12. I have a 199 and an early 199A both with a plastic tanks that has the old style tap. There is one big brass nut held captive in the plastic. The nut spins in the plastic and pulls out. I have repaired the plastic tanks that have the 2 retaining bolts but never the screw in type.
  13. Does anyone know where the fork brace like in the photo is available from? I tried a link in an old TC post but nothing was there. Thanks, Mark G
  14. Hi Larry, I remember your M10 post. I have a M10, #1085 that has a frame number on head stock and also have a M49 series 1 with frame number on frame above footpeg. I pulled the seat and tank off but nothing jumping out as yet. The prior owner of this one says it's as it was new so guessing it didn't have one. Thanks for everyone's comments. I'll pull it out if it ever stops raining and post some more pictures. Mark
  15. Number on engine and all other documents is: 2700139 I asked the prior owner and he assures me it is as it was in 1967 new.