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  1. Just wondered how easy it is to convert a 2017 or 2018 125 to a 200 pr 250?
  2. Thanks all for your replies.
  3. When I pull the clutch lever it seems to feel solid after just pulling it in halfway. Sometimes it will release and operate as it should but then after pulling the lever a few more times it will feel solid again causing the clutch to drag. Does anybody know what this is?
  4. Thanks zippy. Bolt was indeed loose and broken. Now removed. Pretty poor design with a potentially costly repair.
  5. Sorry faussy 'spell check' got it wrong.
  6. Thanks fussy.
  7. Thanks all for advice. The lever has freeplay so it's not that. If it is the bolt that is loose should I put some threadlock on it.
  8. Thanks Basil, not sure what bolt you mean - where is it located!
  9. I tightened the clutch basket nut on a Sherco 125 (2015) to 60 n/m as suggested and ended up crushing the needle bearing.
  10. Removed the clutch to fit a new gear shift spring on a 2015 125. I fitted in everything back together (I think in the right order) and now the clutch does not work properly (it was working ok prior to this. When I pull in the clutch lever there is very little movement and it seems to go solid and does not release the clutch. Any advice appreciated.
  11. Thanks for all the replies. I removed and turned the push rod and that seems to have made a difference. I can now pull the clutch lever without it going solid. I've now noticed that tightening the clutch centre nut to 60 n/m distorts the thrust bearing so need to get a new one - its 6n/m.
  12. My son bought a new 2017 250 txt pro. It starts ok but when he is riding it it seems to lose power and at times backfires. The problem seems to be when the engine is warm. The plug looks ok and we stripped and cleaned the carb. One thing we noticed was some melting to the ht lead (it looks like it was sitting against the exhaust). We taped over with electricians tape. Any thoughts.
  13. Does anybody know the torque setting for the large nut on a Sherco 125 (2015) clutch assembly. Also what is the torque setting for the six small bolts that hold the clutch pressure plate in place? The bolts which have the springs fitted over them.
  14. Thanks faussy, I'll have a look tomorrow.
  15. I removed the clutch housing on a Sherco ST 125 (2015) to in order to replace the gear selector spring. I have done this and put everything back together but am left with a washer and am not sure where it goes. It has an outside diameter of 30mm, an inside diameter of 17mm and is about 1mm thick?
  16. Pins on the drum are ok and he shaft is straight. I'll change the selector spring and see if that solves the problem. Thanks for all the replies.
  17. The gear lever on my sons Sherco ST 125 (2015) does not return to the central position when he changes gear. I checked the gear return spring but it is not broken. Do these springs become weak so become ineffective. Would it be an idea to change the spring while I have the clutch casing removed. If the problem is not the what else could it be. thanks
  18. Do you mean the shaft the gear lever is attached to. If so, it seems ok.
  19. Just wondering how often I should change exhaust packing.
  20. Looking to buy a waterproof jacket. Just wondering what others have found effective but also comfortable to ride in. Cheers.
  21. Thanks Gordon's.
  22. Thanks to all for the advice.
  23. Does anybody know if the rear wheel from a 1993 Contact would fit an EC 3000 2001 with Marzochi forks ( not upside down ones). Cheers.
  24. Does anybody know if the exhaust from a 1993 Contact will fit a txt 2000. Cheers.
  25. Thanks Jim