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  1. Tlr200 fork rebuild

    Manual says: ATF 295cc +/- 2.5cc Level from top (better way to fill) 118mm 0-5.69 psi

    Crank shaft seal, fitted in crankcase behind the flywheel.

    Worth checking crank seal - flywheel side - for air leak. Can give similar symptoms.
  4. Hose clamps

    clic clips, pliers on ebay for £7-8 see item No 162877002823 as an example.
  5. 2 questions for those wiser than me

    Only my opinion but, you don't use decompressor for starting on 2/S. Used to give a bit of engine braking on the downhills and avoid stalling due to using too much rear brake. Not the same as using one on a 4/S to aid easing over the top of comp stroke before kicking.
  6. Braktec rubber

    Best of luck with that. I too just needed the rubber seal and was forced to buy the top as well - about £20 for what should have been about 10 bob for the rubber! The rubber in my opinion should not have swolen like it did on a late (2015) bike - it looked just like what happens if you put DOT4 seals in mineral oil so I don't think the rubber used is correct for the job - a possible safety issue that should be addressed by the manufacturers. I have stripped a lot of 30yr old Nissin (and 15yr old Grimeca) mastercylinders and never experienced this. Needelss to say I don't think much of this Braktec stuff.
  7. Extra petrol tank

    As long as you have no air (vacuum) leak on the main tank, the aux tank should empty first then the main tank.
  8. 4RT front wheel installation

    Can't believe you're not able to fit a front wheel - best stick to welding or messing with old Armstrongs!!
  9. trials bike mot.

    Just get fed up of seeing muppets spouting misinformation on forums. Also to be legal on the road (C&U regs) a speedometer is required.....................
  10. trials bike mot.

  11. trials bike mot.

    I think you will find (in the manual) that only unregistered bikes are exempt from displaying a (correct) numberplate. A battery horn that emits a constant,continuous,uniform and audiable note cannot be failed unless considered harsh or grating........... My advice - read the book and challenge the tester and or appeal the test if necessary.
  12. trials bike mot.

    The tester was wrong, he needs to read the testers manual. It is availible for all to read on the gov.uk website. m1i00000001.1.0a - mot-inspection-manual-classes-1-2.pdf
  13. trials bike mot.

    No reflector required.
  14. Horn For Mot

    try this one http://www.thehornit.com/the-hornit-db140/the-hornit-db140.html they are great and legal
  15. 86 Tlr250R Disk Brake Fork Options

    If it's a 1896 model it should be in a museum! :-)