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  1. Well, if you think that, then I expect he'll be banned before the next sunrise.
  2. Well, now. We get to see how consistent Andy is about personal attacks, aren't we?
  3. Can always count on the Ishmeister to tell it how it is! Exactly how is it?
  4. If you're 15, do you think your parents would mind if I adopted you?
  5. Wow! She's a beauty. That is totally cool. Thanks for putting in the effort to share your success!
  6. Glad to see the Montesa franchise stay in the hands of a die-hard fan (not that there's anything wrong with RYP).
  7. Hate to burst your bubble, but it doesn't even increase my blood pressure a single mark. I've been on the Internet since Mosaic days and on BBS before that. I've seen this sort of forum management countless times. Still, the issue of banning people due to unpopular opinions is one worthy of occasional discussion, especially for people new to the subject.
  8. The guy who wrote the book on trials training and technique used to post on the TC forums. What happened to him? Did he get banned for expressing opinions?
  9. Zippy, in America we very rarely have the sort of cases in the courts you're referencing. Libel and slander are extremely difficult to prove in the United States, and almost always involve knowingly and falsely accusing someone of an illegal act. As far as I know, Lane never accused anyone of breaking any laws. It's great that you believe people should have to back up what they say. Others do not agree...and that's part of our freedom. Lane has controversial opinions and isn't afraid to present them. That riles some people up.
  10. One of the EFI's sensors has got to be bad. The EFI computer is being fed bad information, causing it to run rich.
  11. Do I personally? Not that I've seen, but I'm usually out riding rather than hanging around public parks. However, I absolutely do want them out in the open where we can see them and know who they are. Would you prefer they meet and recruit in secret? As American Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said: "Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman."
  12. The American Way is to let people have their say and let the court of public opinion sort it out, rather than forbid unpopular opinions. I like it that way and am quite proud of our system. It's my understanding that Australians have no right to freedom of expression under the Australian Constitution. If you're comfortable with that in Australia, then I suppose we're both in the right places.
  13. That may be true in Canada (which definitely has limits on unpopular speech), but in the United States we have a Constitution that guarantees us the freedom to make personal attacks (though it does not supply us a forum, and posters have zero rights here or on any other privately owned forum). In fact, down here, we cherish that right and we put in right up front in our Bill of Rights.
  14. This discussion isn't about children, as near as I can tell. We're all adults here, so how any statements relate to children seems to fall outside of the section boundaries. However, as you've brought it up, if I had a child, and he was reading this forum, I'd explain to him that everyone is entitled to express an opinion. He can back up his opinion with action, or not. His opinions can be based on fact or fancy. But, he will be judged by his opinions and how they're presented. I'd also point out to him that the owners of a forum can ban someone for the forum for a good reason, bad reason or no reason at all.
  15. Steve, we simply have two viewpoints that can't be reconciled. I think opinions are great. I don't think you have to back them up. They can stand on their own...or not. I don't think opinions have to be popular. Many great ideas aren't popular when first brought up. I don't think you have to implement opinions given on a discussion board. You can try if you'd like. Or not. Someone else might pick up on them and do something. Or not. It doesn't really matter one way or the other. I think Lane's perspectives are valuable to the sport (sometimes I like them, other times not, many times I don't care one way or another). You may not like his perspective, but he's sharing it (or at least he was, until he was banned). There are plenty of NATC Champions who disappear and are never heard from again. When was the last time you heard something from Marland Whaley or Fred Crossett? Look, Lane did a great job of representing trials while he was a world class competitor. He was in lots of magazines. He wrote an important book on trials technique. That's not enough for you? Oh, well.