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  1. If they get fussy Ill just enter twin shock, In my eyes its NOT a pre 65 bike, it's a twinshock bike now that it has these forks, I know of at least 2 bikes locally that have front disk brakes and uprated forks which are not standard, ok so not as new a a sherco front end, but at the end of the day I ride for fun, not to win things. If they want to get fussy even more though, then Illl enter youth B, oh wait , that would mean it would have to be a 125 , blah, blah ,blah See what this is going? I am doing this bike for my self, I don't care if it upsets people, I'm interested in peoples views on the bike though, but when I take it out on a Sunday morning, I can ride the bike knowing that it's done as I want it to be, not as it "should" be done There isn't many twinshock bikes round here any way, and I would have thought that any problems that arise would be from fellow riders, not the clubs them selfs.
  2. Here is a few pictures of my latest project bike that I got on Saturday. It's a BSA bantam D10 that I'm making it in to a Trials bike to use in Pre 65/twinshock competitions. Firstly I will need to source and Engine, hopefully a 175cc, 4 speed. Here is what I have done so far: The bike as I got it: Most of the un needed tin work removed: Year 2000 Sherco front end fitted: Longer rear shocks, well, one, fitted: And thats it so far, Will update the thread as and when things get done. Thanks for looking, Jamie. (I have stuck this in twinshock as the bike uses modern forks, thus it isn't a "true" pre 65 bike in some peoples eyes, don't want to start the old "modern bits on a pre 65 bike" argument)
  3. Seen one with a Tlr200 engine in in the past.
  4. Sounds like the spacer between the engine and the frame off the top engine mount ?
  5. honda_tlr

    Front Brake

    Fit "I" shaped cams , if there not already fitted.
  6. It's been repacked thats all.
  7. Hi, welcome to the forum.
  8. If it wasn't such a pile of **** then I would be on it, getting a new ally exhaust, just repainted all the frame, will be ready to ride again in a few weeks. Been to busy working on the Ariel lately to be messing around with jap crap.
  9. Only just seen this thread, Couldn't agree more with you Bikespace, it's always the same observers that come and help week after week, they never get the recognition they deserve, well done to ALL them. With out them the trial CAN NOT go on , and I think people don't realize this, and to top it off I often see people who are on there last lap not saying thank you! (you know who you are) Having done a bit of observing my self it's nice when someone says thanks. Ps, I think I should enter my Piaggio zip 50 in the SSDT........
  10. The best thing about a TLR200 is the slow throttle response, thats why they grip so well, as the power is delivered so smoothly. I have the original Honda one and it's fine. What bike have you just come off before riding a TLR?
  11. What makes you think the big end needs doing ?
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