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  1. Think i preferred the FIM videos from previous years, twice the length, better camera work, production, and commentating
  2. Luckily they gave credit! lol
  3. So he is old enough...
  4. Why didnt he ride his 300, the bike he rides every other day of the year, and try to win it? Pot hunting much?
  5. Start with the cheapest and easiest, throttle and sprocket. If they arent enough then retard the ignition timing or flywheel and low compression head.
  6. If you solely want a larger tank, why not try a contact tank (looks nicer IMO)
  7. Good chance then the bike shipped with no grease in the linkages
  8. I wouldnt worry too much about the squeaking rear brake, lots of bikes do it. As long as its not generating drag. How fresh are the pads?
  9. Check out california connection, thats how most of my uk mates get bikes delivered from america
  10. Agree with all the above, well used filters can get a bit slack where the cage pushes against the airbox and it can be possible for a gap to form. While you can usually get away with riding a couple of times on one oiled filter during the winter when the mud is clumpier, when its dusty i always make sure to have a clean filter on each outing
  11. To me that looks like new piston time
  12. Just a guess, kickstart shaft?
  13. A clean sy250 would be a great bike, probably the most reliable of bikes that age, but as said above best to go for as clean a bike as you can irrespective of make. Personally i would go for a 250, an oldish 125 will have even less power than when it left the factory
  14. Disagree, tubeless tyres usually have a tighter bead, so are less likely to come off a rim than a tube type tyre