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  1. Montys in Trial 2 this season

    You have to remember too that in this class the 2 strokes are limited to 250, so the 4rt has more advantage in this class than in GP (or less of a disadvantage whatever way you look at it)
  2. Fork tubes

    Is re-chroming your own out of the question?
  3. Beginning of the end?

    I dont think so. I think we may be seeing the side effects of a reduction in practice following his back injury, surely he cant have been doing as much as he usually does in the build up to a season, and its too coincidental to be anything else. Nonetheless, its better for the sport not to have a dominant winner all the time.
  4. Busto - the man to watch

    I hope you put a bet on that for sunday! Eerily good foresight
  5. Sy 250 broken crank case

    Kickstart engaging/jamming while the engine running?
  6. Green Cota

    Me neither!!
  7. Green Cota

    Fair enough, although not to use google as at least your first port of call these days is a bit ignorant
  8. Green Cota

    Well at least i knew what the bike was! You however seemed to be more interested in trying to tell the original poster he didnt know what year the bike was, when in fact he was right and then attempted at some stupid reason for it being green. "Honest thread", yes, but only if we disregard your silly posts After some digging around apparantly they used the green on some 74s, 172s and the enduro 75/125
  9. Green Cota

    Then why say it was 1972 when the 172 didnt come till 75?
  10. Green Cota

    Looks like a 172, and if you google search 'cota 172' a green one pops up. THats the only help i can be sorry....
  11. GasGas 300 Keihin PWK 28mm.

    Which only comes into effect when the fuel level is lower than ideal, resulting from inadequate float bowl volume. Its the combination of both
  12. GasGas 300 Keihin PWK 28mm.

    I thought gguk prepared all their bikes, thats why i was a little scathing, if they dont, then i totally take it back. His throttle style probably requires a different setup than the other riders lol Yeah exactly, reving through the rev range is never a problem, its always that mid throttle hold than brings the weakness out. I would really love to try one of the trun racing larger float bowls. While i agree the jetting is a cause, i think after long drags or hill climbs its the lack of fuel in the float bowl is the real problem. A fix with the dellortos used to be to fit a larger fuel jet, but as far as i know there is no easy fix on the keihin. I first seen raga with the larger bowl a few years back and he always run with it. I've seen price with it fitted once or twice as well and it rang true with what i experienced. Long hills climbs, get to the top and its running out, and if the bike is at any incline it makes it worse. I fitted a jitsie bowl nut because it has a slightly larger volume than the standard keihin nut and i think it helped. I never did price a trun float bowl, has anyone else?
  13. GasGas 300 Keihin PWK 28mm.

    You can mention all the names you like, or how many world champs the guy has. All i know is that every time i hear jack price riding a section his bike is knocking. Go watch the BTC video from hookwoods if you like, it was particularly bad there. Fast forward to 37:50, if that isnt a bike underjetted, i dont know what is. Its so bad you could possibly say its overheating or there was water in the carb, but that isnt the only section let alone the only trial ive heard it do that
  14. GasGas 300 Keihin PWK 28mm.

    A shallower taper from the same diameter surely means weaker....
  15. GasGas 300 Keihin PWK 28mm.

    That doesnt mean its right. Hearing one of their bikes recently, i didnt realise there was a fuel embargo