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  1. 02 Gasgas txt pro 125 conundrums

    Its a 125 and its 16 year old, both of which should not be ignored. Your mixture IMO isnt far off, could maybe drop it to 60:1, but without knowing how throttle happy you are its hard to say
  2. Just For Reference

    Are you two guys related by any chance? You have very similar humour lol
  3. Starting competition

    No matter how bad you think you are, there will more than likely be someone the same level as you or possibly lower. Slow full lock turns using the clutch can never be mastered too much!
  4. Wavy discs Why ?

    Pressure is inversely proportional to area, so via extrapolation a zero disc area (100% air) will have infinite pressure. You could be on to something
  5. Best trials bike for 2018?

    Only if you dont count electricals towards reliability!!!!
  6. Just For Reference

    Something weird is happening andy, i cant spell braktec with two e, the site is autocorrecting it when i hit submit reply.... WTF
  7. Just For Reference

    He seems to like pizza too. You make a good point though. I wonder why they chose that name to begin with. Is braktec copyrighted, and this is as close as they could get? If thats the case, then maybe they want us to pronounce it braktec, who knows
  8. Compression Release

    Check this out pmk https://trials.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5066 As you probably know the sy motor is largely a tyz, never seen a decomp on a tyz before, but going by the barrel casting it looks like a standard fitting to me, weird. Someone else obviously thought it necessary
  9. Compression Release

    I had a 07, 08 and 09 sy in the Uk, the only modification being to rotate the stator virtually right round to fully advanced. Granted this did make them a bit harder on the kick, but compared to shercos and 300 ggs of the time definitely easier to kick over. Ive heard of some countries having lightened flywheels, so if youve also heard of higher compression ratios, then that would definitely explain it. All mine were uk models, so cant comment. Maybe they just had their heads machined down a little more, couldnbt see them changing much else. A lighter flywheel certainly wouldnt help in kicking over compression PS Its been 9 years since ive kicked one so my memory may be off. But my dad who was 60 at the time could start it easier than any other modern bikes ive owned
  10. Gear oil what flavour do i use?

    Use motul transoil 10w40 myself, never had any problems
  11. Just For Reference

    Think thats why he said, no e.... Took me a while to realise what he was on about lol
  12. Just For Reference

    Yet to have any piece of braktec break on myself. If we want a play on words for dodgy brakes, how about those "for mules ahhh" (scap)
  13. Compression Release

    I understand your desire to lower it, and im not going to tell you not to. I have a few bikes myself with jake brakes so know what theyre about but IMO the sy is far from a high compression motor, they were a clubmans favourite for years because of it. You could start them in slippers!
  14. Rossi 3rd in Qatar.

    Either hand it to rossi, or take it away from those other guys! Sometimes i think they should be doing better
  15. Compression Release

    I would be more worried as to why your sy has too much compression. These bikes are one of the easiest of modern bikes to kick over, mainly because of their short stroke and long kickstart. Has your ignition timing been advanced?