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  1. In britain at least anyway i think 2004 was the first year 125s were introduced, and youth A actually had two classes, a 125 and a 250. From 2005 onwards, 250s werent allowed for under 18s
  2. They finished consecutively in the championship yes, but their level of riding really is quite far apart. You just have to see the results gelabert gets in the spanish championship, and sheffield again at the weekend. I can see him making a big leap well into the top10 this year Another point is the countries national championships, gelabert, and busto are getting to compete against bou and raga every week, competing and practicing with the best helps a lot
  3. Having main bearings oiled by the gearbox oil is as old as the hills, and predates any 2 stroke honda
  4. Langcourts are the go to guys in the uk for re nikosealing mx barrels at least
  5. You're right, i think he just should have moved up the previous year, he was more than capable to. As you say, roberts and gelabert were basically identical 2015, but gelabert moved up and has progressed big time and is now by a long way the best up and coming young'n. Roberts stayed back to win trial2 and i believe has suffered. I dont even think the teams value winning trial2. All im supposing is a reason as to why gelabert and farre have jumped the 2 brits. There may be other reasons as well, but i think at that level you have to be pushing yourself constantly, staying down to win a championship may be good in the short term, but if the class is beneath your ability i feel its a wasted year of progress Theres many ways to skin a cat, but ultimately its a race to the top of trialgp, not trial2
  6. And its a lot more than hopping from rock to rock on the back wheel. Trials is about a variety of terrain. You do realise at world level trials is running at pretty low numbers for a good while now (around 15 in a top flight world round), perhaps regressing to its roots would be a good thing
  7. There you go, roberts only beaten by the fact he didnt go to japan. Ill let you look up this years standings
  8. You seem butt hurt about your abilities. Facts? Im stating how the championships panned out. Try looking up the 2015 trial2 championship final standings and compare them against this years
  9. Another keyboard warrior? Explain please My point is that gelabert and farre didnt hang around in trial2 to win it, they moved up because they thought they should. Now they have jumped the two guys that stayed behind to win it. Its not a theory You're now classed as an expert rider? I feel pleased for you
  10. Dont know what that has to do with it, but i am national champion in my country. Yourself?
  11. Insulting? Gelabert/farre/price/roberts were all much of a muchness a couple of years back, with farre probably being the weakest and roberts the strongest. The two spaniards moved up (neither winning trial2) while the 2 brits stayed down, to win trial2. Now look at how they score! Its not insulting its telling it as it is.
  12. Yes, 2000 was the 1st one, won by Raga
  13. You need to watch more highlights of last years world round, around half are proper 100% natural muddy hill goodness I agree with most of this, but the reason we have a lot of british winners is because they are too interested in winning it instead of moving up. Gelabert/Price, Farre/Roberts are a perfect example. Bou was too busy frying bigger fish to even bother with the junior world cup let alone win it Interested to see how long peace and martyn waste trying to win it
  14. I disagree. A few sections yes, but they sure know how to put in a few good steep muddy banks! The fact that a few are man made and its still more natural than most venues is the irony!
  15. And did you look at the first two rounds? He got beaten by guys who arent on the world circuit, some (with no disprespect) who arent even close to being on the world circuit while at venues with terrain you wouldnt get much of in Spain. He finished 6th one week, and 10th the next at a british round. 10th!!!!! That was collyolly's point about other riders shining on different terrain Tong IMO is a pathetic attempt at a british rnd