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  1. Birkett told myself back in '08 that for Joe Baker, who was the best uk rider on a scorpa at the time, the timing was advanced a far as the slots would let it. I never quite went that far, about halfway. I always found the water pump hose extrememly vunerable, doubt trimming the sump would be advisable. Birkett also made a pump housing that had the outlet turn the 90 degrees in alloy rather than the hose, making it less vunerable to rocks
  2. Advance the timing, the only thing you will ever need to do
  3. Did honda ever make a good 2T? And dont say "yes the 315"
  4. Had a gg where the bolt head had sheared and was just sitting there blocking the slave cylinder. Really lucky it didnt work itself out and cause damage. Do it ASAP! Some people run without the bolt in place to no detriment of the bike. I prefer running with it. Regarding thread lock, it probably wouldnt do any harm, just be careful not to block the bolts centre hole. If youre doing this yourself, when you have the clutch cover off, remember to keep the water pump drive aligned and the kickstart shim in place. 10 minute job btw
  5. Totally understand what you are saying, but the plastic type isnt half as bad you think.
  6. Broadly speaking Dry and tight = 1st Dry and open = 2nd Wet and tight = 2nd Wet and open = 3rd
  7. The bike sounds 99% perfect except the smoke, so why bother too much about it if its the only symptom? Maybe you are under exaggerating these moderate hills. Most trials bikes will smoke heavily after a blast about and gasgas's even melt the rear tail pipe after a prolonged hard spell!!! What oil and what ratio are you running?
  8. Amen
  9. As said above, sticking with your fellow competitors is a must! Watching someone ride your line takes away 10 minutes of trying to work out where you are going. And when you watch a few riders you can work out which line you fancy the most. Dont ride first, but dont fall too far back you lose sight of the riders in your grade. Also, if the event is muddy, be aware that on the second or third lap the ideal line may change. And last but not least, dont get disheartened!!!! You may just be unlucky that the first event you go to could be a hard one, and next week could be easier and you would love it.
  10. I totally agree with your assessment of the gaernes, so comfortable, but a little light on protection especially when wet. I have a pair of sidi zeros at the moment and im very happy. Stiffer sole so more suppport from a bending point of view but reduced feel. Stiffer leather, slightly more protecion but they take a while to break in. Also have great heel protection. Its always a compromise
  11. Usually if you put the triangle in upside down on a gasgas it jacks it up even further lol
  12. As a rough guide, with the bike on the ground with no rider, lift the rear end by grabbing the silencer. There shouldnt be more than about 20 mm sag.
  13. What sag are you running in the rear shock, maybe the spring preload needs increased...
  14. skip to 48:45
  15. Scorpa SY or the sherco variety?