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  1. To me that looks like new piston time
  2. Just a guess, kickstart shaft?
  3. A clean sy250 would be a great bike, probably the most reliable of bikes that age, but as said above best to go for as clean a bike as you can irrespective of make. Personally i would go for a 250, an oldish 125 will have even less power than when it left the factory
  4. Disagree, tubeless tyres usually have a tighter bead, so are less likely to come off a rim than a tube type tyre
  5. Seen this happy to a couple of guys boots in my club, so it is a weakness. I've had mine a few months and really really happy with them. Sidi do a slightly different designed boot, still trials, but with a steel toe cap. I suppose this would help a lot. It looks like the upper is only stitched to the black sole and then the grey piece is glued on. Could a good boot repairer not run a couple of stitches through it for you?
  6. Could it be really bad detonation? Most bikes knock when cold and then this disappears when warmed You are in the uk and 7 hrs from a gasgas dealer? is that possible?
  7. Mud

    properly rev the thing
  8. Anytime i try to ride a bike bare handed it feels like my hands are gonna come off the bars. I just dont have the grip, though i do have sweaty palms
  9. Only run a trials tyre in the direction of the arrow, it wont work in reverse
  10. Too low a tyre pressure causes the knobblies to close over and you lose grip
  11. If your bike runs too rich its because you have too much oil in your fuel
  12. lol. The pedal configuration in cars is the same, irrespective of LHD or RHD
  13. As was agreed in a previous post, trials is already extremely safe. Im starting to worry some official sees this post and starts to think trials is dangerous, and before you know it a whole raft of safety measures has been added! As a previous poster said, common sense when marking a section is vital. A section can be very hard but also safe, yet a very easy section can also be dangerous.
  14. I agree with the above comment, however solid discs and sprockets were well overdue IMO. I still think more could be done to minimise fingers in chains, especially after the amount of people losing fingers and thumbs in motorcross. The only other safety equipment ive seen creeping in lately is the full face helmet. I've never had a facial injury (touch wood) but know of people who have and still ride with an open face. I think full face helmets would detract a lot from trials, but so do most safety rules when they are first brought in. Should we be wearing mouth guards like boxers and rugby players? I also see a lot of older riders riding in competitions with no gloves, and even some new kids. I may be starting to come across as a mini hitler here, but surely wearing even the basics of safety equipment is a must, and something ive never seen enforced. My point is, if you cant enforce people to wear gloves at club level, surely you cant enforce much more
  15. British-someone from britain UK-someone from the UK English-someone from england Scottish-someone from scotland Welsh-someone from wales Irish-someone from ireland Manx-someone from the isle of man Costa Rica-someone from costa rica