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  1. How much does it cost to sponsor the BTC?

    Id say theres no minimum price, just more than the other guy
  2. Self maintenance videos

    Thought id seen enough when he removed the wheel spacers with a pair of water pump pliers, then he started knocking the bearings out cold
  3. Any life left in this gas tank? rust repair question...

    Tidying up a tank on the outside is relatively easy, but its virtually impossible to get the inside in decent shape. With that tank you would be finding tiny particles of rust in your carb float bowl for the next 40 years
  4. Any life left in this gas tank? rust repair question...

    Impossible to judge from those pics. Its the inside that needs to be seen, and the fact he doesnt show any is probably all we need to know
  5. Is it just me?

    It sure is. The UK is the privatisation capital of the world, sure even Wembley is going to be sold off to an american
  6. Is it just me?

    You should enter the world round! With all that wishful thinking you would win!!
  7. Is it just me?

    In a weird way i kinda think brexit is relevant. British people are more money driven than our european counterparts, a big red bus swayed brexit afterall. The europeans would be prepared to run an event for little to no profit, as long as it was a great show. Here, the money making ability is first on the list, mostly to the detriment of the sport
  8. Mini Vandal

    They dont have a clutch, nor a gearbox nor a normal rear footbrake (judging by the pictures anyway). They look auto to me, and the last auto gasgas's were garbage
  9. Mini Vandal

    I question the philosophy behind these bikes. Electric bikes have captured the junior market and the world of motorsport is only going in one direction. Why on earth would you put a kid on one of these when theres at least a 50% likelihood in 20 years time Trial E will be the dominant class. Also, will they introduce a non electric youth class for these? I doubt they would stand a chance against the current electric models.
  10. Trs ground clearance

    Lower ground clearance...lower centre of gravity? Spin it a way that doesnt bug you anymore
  11. Did you tighten the grub screws? Especially the one we cant see opposing the one closest to your bumper? You might need to loosen the one closest to your bumper and then tighten the opposing one. That should correct the backward lean. If these are tight, it shouldnt rock back and forth
  12. stupidity prize?

    The amount of times ive tried starting a bike, and then successfully started and wondered what the muted sound was...... Exhaust bung left in after the wash
  13. 2019

    This bit seems to hint that the main bearings are exchangeable from the outside without splitting the casings. Major no no IMO The rest.... pass
  14. Piston slap confirmation

    Ouch, i feel bad for the motor just ticking over, i dread to think what it sounds like when you rev it
  15. Squeak...

    Take your plug out, try it again and then you can eliminate to a certain degree whether its compression related or friction related