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  1. Rim tape, if your wheel has one
  2. Dont think i am missing the point, ive competed in both!!! Why restrict a youth who is fully eligible to compete in the Acklams age wise, just because he scored a point at the adult round. If they really wanted as many riders out as possible, they would allow all youths no matter what ability to compete in the championship that they wanted, both if they wanted. Pitch the acklams at a lower level by all means, and if the youth elite dont want to bother then they wont, but they should be allowed compete in both. At the moment it just sounds like a championship aimed to force out the good riders so a rider of less ability can win. "Go away, youre too good" kind of attitiude Imagine a youth who competes at the adult round, finishes fifth out of 5, scores points but cant go to the acklams youth the following week. I thought youth classes were defined by your age, not your ability.... I understand the logic, just think its a tad discriminating on a few riders. Seeing five riders compete in the youth A all year is definitely not the way forward i agree
  3. He asked for a good set of tyres... a tyre is only as good as the grip it provides Michelin X11, if you want good grip and decent longevity Dunlop if you are on a budget.
  4. Ditto what brucey says, as the pistons come out they have less tendency to return as easily
  5. Scotchbrite
  6. Do you mean at club level or professional level? Its true that they just arent as common as they were a decade or longer ago but id say about half of the world field still wear them, raga, fajardo, cabs, farre etc
  7. Im quite sure i have read your post correctly. From your post i understand (correct me if you have worded it incorrectly) there are 2 youth A championships and an "eligible" youth cant score points in both. Does anyone actually expect a good entry at the Acklams youth A events? Dividing championships only decreases numbers, isnt the idea to try and increase numbers?
  8. Sounds like a right mess
  9. The wheels, brakes and forks are pretty much standard across all makes, and have been for years. Sure they share the same tyres, levers, grips, footrests, chains, sprockets, carburetors, radiator fluid, petrol, gearbox oil. Sure theyre the same bike really If you believe that, you would believe anything.
  10. Really? Id imagine they would want someone capable of a top 10. Dibs is the only one capable of this and it cant be him
  11. The wheels forks and brakes are interchangable on all trials bikes. Again, Raga was GGs development rider for the last 10+ years, so no surprise that it feels like a GG
  12. Its called subconcious marketing for a reason....
  13. What are you talking about, no parts are interchangable with a gg. And why do you think it is much better set up? Because they have Adam Raga developing the bike!! Not JS
  14. More likely fairly illogical. Only the complete incorrect mounting of a camera would cause such an injury. Also, the ACU only banned them because the FIM did, the FIM have since lifted this ban for approved cameras
  15. Upside down on the end of a brush shaft, usually dry within 2/3 days