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  1. Scorpa SY or the sherco variety?
  2. Well said. And from the larger talent pool that motogp and motox draw from, probably more talented. but i get what the original poster says, sometimes its just easier to see the skill on show at trials
  3. All i can say is make sure you kick it hard from the top, dont push the kickstarter down a quarter of the way and then kick it hard. You could kick for a month of sundays and it would never go like that.
  4. Im glad we can agree on something! lol They did and they didnt. We never do live in a ideal world. I understand Tong ticks more boxes (in my eyes the wrong boxes) than most venues, trials just seems to be becoming less and less accessible. Its akin to F1 preferring a street circuit in some far away land while silverstone, a proper circuit, is at threat. Of all the venues for the british GP over all the years, im sorry to say i think Tong is the worst. Maybe its just a sign of the times
  5. As 2stroke4stroke says you probably should have had the bike started ASAP. I know a guy who waited till monday, after the trial on saturday and by this time the main bearings were pitted (sounded like a cement mixer) and needed replacing
  6. The fact you still dont know where im talking about when i say newcastle makes me wonder why im having this debate with you. The problem is those two were making the same mistake as yourself, taking into account access for big trucks. I go to a trial to be entertained, to see good sections, not to look at the trucks in the paddock. Its a sad day when access for the team trucks takes precedent over anything else.
  7. The reason stated above for bangor not running is incorrect newcastle the town, not the city no where in yorkshire was found suitable? Says who?
  8. I couldnt agree more. The whole idea of making sections that are more typical of spanish terrain than british terrain really annoys me, virtually to the point of why bother? Isnt the whole idea of a world series to produce a calender with varying terrain? It just seems to be "spainish like" terrain on repeat, and then everyone wonders why spain win everything. It reminds me of when the british mx gp moved from farleigh (100% grass) to hawkstone (100% sand), the dutch thought they had struck gold! bar Thorpe, the chances of a british winner at a british gp all but vanished! Just look how dabill went in a wet japan and imagine how he could go in a venue like hoghton towers. Dont we want the possibility of a british winner? because while we keep marking out sections for the spanish that will never ever happen. Everyone always goes on about when will bou or Raga ride the SSDT, and its a weekly joke at a local muddy trial, "i bet bou wouldnt get up that in the mud". Why not make them?! The british gp is our chance to mark out a proper british trial. What do we do, bring in big rocks and mark out indoor style sections. What a joke. All this pandering to the big wigs to provide facilities commensurate with the team's big trucks, just tell them in advance they are going to be parking in a grass field and if they dont like it, then dont bother turning up.
  9. Wavy discs are to clean the pad surface, because there is a leading edge to scrape the mud off. Ride through a muddy puddle and a brake with a wavy disc will return its braking efficiency quicker than a plain disc. Plain discs just accumulate a dirty scum on the braking surface. An increase in leading edge area also increases brake performance in the dry, because there will be an increase in bite, something required for low speed trials. Pad life and braking performance are usually inversely proportional, you cant have both. All of this depends how standard you want to keep the bike looking but IMO a wavy disc will provide better braking.
  10. If you are referring to the clutch centre bolt then no, your bike has a different clutch to a pro
  11. not that local, but john lee is in northants
  12. While i love kawi green I find the vertigo's green rather unflattering, go figure
  13. What are you talking about I named 4 specific venues and one general...
  14. According to pons Fuji reported his minder for having a foot in a section on friday, so got penalised 20 marks
  15. Oh yes i know him, he is the cousin of Albear Cabis Stan isnt he??