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  1. Paid £700 for my 349 6 weeks ago. See pics in previous post.
  2. It's not any use to me now so I'm happy with p&p. pm me and We can sort it. I can send pics to an email adress tomorrow. I think it's the exact same model.
  3. I've just replaced mine with an OKO tawainese flatslide which is great. I realised to change all the jets and slide etc. was quite expensive and might as well get a new one. What is missing from yours as I have one which is complete but looks worn. Neil
  4. The site won't let me upload pics at the mo.
  5. I have taken my 349 fork leg to a welder who says it may or may not work as he won't be able to weld all the way around. To be on the safe side I'm on the lookout for some new legs if possible. Does anyone have any cluttering up their shed or garage? Neil
  6. Apparently the same as Bultaco so called In Motion and they were as patient and helpful as ever. One is on its way.
  7. It looks like it was pressed as the metal is thin, maybe 1mm.
  8. I am hoping to have fix my 349 fork leg welded up but on dis-assembly to do a refresh I find there is a small part that fits into the bottom of the spring. In profile it is sort of top hat shaped. One of these is intact and the other is broken. Does anyone have the slightest idea what I'm on about and if so where I can fine replacements? Cheers.
  9. I did wonder if it could be welded. I have a contact with a particularly good welder, I'll call him, cheers, Where are you based? Neil
  10. Says I can only upload pics of 10kb !!
  11. Just giving the front end of my 349 a going over and a piece just fell out where the pinch bolt tightens when I loosened the bolt. Do any other models share the same fork legs ? It may give me more options when searching. I'll put a pic up later when I've stopped swearing.
  12. Had the OKO 26mm carb delivered Friday. It seems most of the wiring is shot so had to do a few temporary fixes. Wouldn't start checked everything then finally put a new plug in. First kick
  13. Thanks, I'm just running it gently with brief spells with wider throttle openings, anything else? Also so how does one re-pack the exhaust? Cheers. Neil
  14. Couldn't get the pilot jet in the end. I'll have another go tomorrow and reset the air screw......again
  15. Getting a magnifying phone app was easier than trying to track down my dad Went on a practice session last night and the bike ran well but still not quite right. Some footage here. I spoke to Dave Renham at Bultaco uk this morning who said the pilot jet reccomended for the Mikuni I bought from him was 30 so I've got conflicting info. I can get a 45 locally today just to see what difference it makes? What are your thoughts?