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  1. Arbuthnot trial 2017

    There will be a list of yhe entrants nearer the time. I'm Ive seen them before.
  2. Lighting

    I'm in Cornwall UK. It's one particular clubs events I want to enter so, as you say, it will not be used that often. Wanted ad a good idea, cheers.
  3. Lighting

    I was recently not allowed to enter a trial as I didn't have lights fitted so I'm looking for an inexpensive way to fit them to my Montesa 349. All the wiring is there but all original stuff is way too expensive especially as I will probably break it. Rear light aren't hard to source but does anyone know of a suitable headlight? Cheers
  4. 349 bash plate

    Is it really 6 weeks since I spent any time with my bikes? That's what comes of buying a house that need slots of work and also a large bike workshop which is obviously a priority. Finally having a few hours in the garage. I have attached the bash plate with the top 2 bolts at the front and as you can see from the pics it sits well low of the rear mounts and as previously stated the rear holes don't line up. It does also appear too long and I was thinking it may line up better if it was bent a little. Do other peoples bash plates need to be forced into place or do they just fit when offered up? What would be the best way to try to bend the whole plate? Cheers Neil
  5. 349 bash plate

    Dam those pesky Europeans 😉 Looks like some fettling is to be done then.
  6. 349 bash plate

    I have offered it up with engine in before I start anything. I put the far left hand screw in loosely and then took this pic from the right hand side looking down. As you can see, these holes don't line up, bugger ! Am I missing something or have I just got the wrong one? I was told it came off a 51M which is what I have????
  7. 349 bash plate

    I personally did get a good idea and it has helped a lot but I'm sure a better translation would be welcomed. Thanks. Neil
  8. 349 bash plate

    Hmm. I offered it up this morning and it didn't line up. The whole thing has perhaps "spread" The bike came with a bashplate that hung from the rear cross member where it shoukd bolt to. Any idea how I should proceed? The engine is in so might it be prudent to take the engine out and then fit the plate before replacing the engine? Thanks for the replies. Neil
  9. 349 bash plate

    Thanks Kingscorpion really helpful. I have done a google translation of that part numbers explanation using google to keep for reference.I have attached it in case it may be of use to anyone. Also thanks Turbofb that would be helpful when you get time. Montesa part no explanation translated with google.docx
  10. 349 bash plate

    Hi, Just taken delivery of this bash plate for my 1981 349 51M. Does anyone have and info on fixings? Nothing came with it so I need to acquire the suitable screws, bolts or whatever. There seem to 9 possible fixing points. Any info gratefully received. Neil
  11. Bash plate identity ?

    Hi, Could anyone identify this bash plate. It was "fitted" to my 1981 349 but is obviously wrong. I think I have sourced an original now.
  12. Sales advice.

    I just can't get used to the kickstart, gear lever and rear brake being wrong way round and I'd need to get lugs welded on to swap over. Also gearing all wrong for road trials 😢
  13. Sales advice.

    I don't know if this is allowed so please remove if not. I am thinking of selling my 1976 Sherpa 191 and would like an idea of what it might be worth. If any one is willing to help I can give details but most of work has been mentioned on this site. Thanks for looking. Neil
  14. Fuel tank

    Hi, managed to get an afternoon in the garage and discovered the plastic fuel tank on my 349, which shows signs of past repair, is leaking badly from underneath in a few places. Anyone repaired one of these with any success? Cheers.