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  1. Hi, managed to get an afternoon in the garage and discovered the plastic fuel tank on my 349, which shows signs of past repair, is leaking badly from underneath in a few places. Anyone repaired one of these with any success? Cheers.
  2. A few pics.
  3. Just shows what these bikes are capable of in the right hands. Unfortunately they aren't my hands...
  4. Says it's not available even if I sign in.
  5. Reply from In Motion. Hello , that part number is for a normal fork seal , you would need 2 in each fork leg , 4 in total. Thanks Pete Get in touch with them, they're always happy to help and have a chat.
  6. Hi, I have just emailed In Motion trials who I have bought lots of parts from in the past. They should have an answer. I'll let you know as soon as they reply. Just looked at this on their site. Neil
  7. Hi dr. I think I've traced why my forks didn't work properly when the wheel was in. They work perfectly without a wheel regardless of the rotation of the stansions. As you said neither the hub or brake plate belong to my bike and when I sent some pictures to InMotion trials they said the brake plate was off a Fantic and had no idea what the hub was from. I had to prise the fork legs apart to get the wheel in. I had a friend machine the brake plate either side and take a little off the spacer so it was 1mm narrower than the forks and this seems to have worked. I looked at a diagram of the 349 forks and the part you say is actually a second fork seal. When I rebuilt mine my local trials place who just happens to have an extensive knowledge of Montesa and Bultaco twin shock looked it up on his microfiche. I've attached the 349 manual I saw it on and hope it helps. Neil manualcota349-4.pdf
  8. Cheers for that Dave, I've now found a 242 wheel and hub on fleabay and it certainly looks the same as one I've seen im some pics someone sent me. It needs a little work but hopefully..... I see you're from Stourbridge, where I grew up ! Small world eh?
  9. Nice posts. Dave and all the staff really do deserve praise. I've had loads of stuff from them in the last 12 months and now I have a Montesa as well as the Bultaco this will continue. I recently needed a small part for the Bultaco forks and after a bit of a chat he realised what I needed. It arrived the next day without an invoice so they hadn't charged me. Thanks guys.
  10. Hi I think I'm going to need one of these. I've tried all sorts of things to make what I've got fit but it all looks wrong, unsuprisingly really, so all I can think of is getting an original wheel and brake plate. Anyone have one hanging around that needs a new home? Will anything else fit ??? Cheers Neil Cornwall
  11. email from inmotion. Hello Neil , OK the wheel is not a Montesa wheel , we do not recognise the hub , the brake plate is a grimeca one possibly off of a fantic..... thanks Pete
  12. Having spent an hour with a friend trying to figure out the fork stanchion issue, I make a phone call to Bultaco UK who says I have the wrong front wheel and this is why it doesn't fit. I will get a smaller spacer made and see if this helps.
  13. Having had them looked at by a bike dealer he says they aren't too bad and he's used forks as good as them before. Yolks seem ok as well.
  14. Yup, bent as a 9 bob note.
  15. Hi, Yes I only bought this bike at the beginning of April. I took the forks apart to clean up the internals and then discovered the broken axle clamp. I've only ridden it once, over rough ground, and this was after re-assembling them and this is when I noticed the stanchion sticking in the slider. I will pull them apart again later and see if I can see if they are bent which, as you say, is most probably the case. Thanks for the advice. Nice one.