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  1. Yep the same with a lot of these smaller manufactures . Changing things mid year and with whatever parts are available. Beamish were the same, can make getting the right parts a right pain .
  2. Ordered cable for my Beamish Suzuki. The front brake cable is about 6in to long and all the adjustment just about already used up. I gave them the measurements of my old cable and their new one and they said, theirs is correct. Won't be buying direct from them anymore.
  3. not sure if this will fit ?. If not, try the " hard to find twinshock trials and aircooled mono " Facebook trials group.
  4. Still shocked I win my class, just goes to show, just because you're having problems it doesn't mean others aren't also.
  5. The ones that sell are reasonably priced still. You see some silly prices over 3k but most if not all don't sell
  6. Clean air filter?
  7. I think for most bikes, 50-1 is the sweet spot, with modern oils
  8. What tanks it got on, doesn't look like a Ossa tank.
  9. Welcome to the forum
  10. A picture will help
  11. Jim at the owners club should have them.
  12. I'm on about type not brand ie 75w, 20w50 etc etc
  13. What the manufacture says. when you ask this question, you will get a million different answers, all saying the oil they use is the best.