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  1. Brilliant trial today, had a good turnout and the Weather was glorious, had a blast. Some friends even came to watch me, which was great. I felt it was my Best trial so far in terms of riding, really liked the sections in the stream bed.
  2. Just been doing my final prep on the Beamish for tomorrow.
  3. I cant see there being any bad side affects , its a simple mod that just lets the fork leg drop down an extra 16mm
  4. My towbar cost me £69 off ebay, German made. Luckily on my 24 year old Polo it has some unused sockets on the back of the lighting block. I just added some spade connections to the wiring on the towbar power socket and that was it. Had to drill all the holes to fit it, but again luckily VW mark it all out for you on the body, took me about 2 hours tops to fit.
  5. you have a pic with the bike in the back of the Berlingo ?
  6. Yeah the TY should already have Alloy rims I think the only one that my have had steel rims was the TY50
  7. Practice day at Dudwood

    From the album Beamish Suzuki 250

    © AJW

  8. This 100% a lot of the trials venues where I ride(peak district) have no postcode and can be very hard to find, unless you have been a few times. so getting someone as a spotter out on the nearby roads wouldn't be a bad thing, to stop the emergency services just driving by.
  9. Yes its a steep learning curve, when you have never done any form of competition or even ridden a trials bike properly (Having only had goes on friends trials bikes back in the 70s) . I have surprised myself how quick I have picked it up, I just clicked with the bike after the first time I rode it.
  10. These do 3 Mikuni carb kits for the OSSA, maybe have a word with them.
  11. Looks like I have work to do after wasting 20pts by forgetting to take the club membership money with me. Learnt the hard way, check you have everything before you leave lol. It makes for an interesting rest of the year though.
  12. Yeah doesn't look like the sites been updated for 7-8 years
  13. Bikes on the trailer and ready. just having some breakfast and I'm on my way. cold but sunny day so far and no rain forecast