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  1. Sadly I missed it, got stuck in traffic because of local marathon closing roads on my route, leaving me in a 40min tailback.
  2. Laziest way to clean rust from a tank?

    Apple cider vinegar works great, this came out of a friends tank, after nothing else he tried worked. The tank was totally clean after. Leave it full for a few days
  3. Looking forward to it, like the water sections
  4. Good trial today, good grip on all sections and the weather was sunshine all day. Its a great venue, it will be a sad day if we lose it.
  5. tials bike on trailer

    Mine doesn't move at all and I don't compress the suspension much if at all. I put 1 on each side of the frame near the foot pegs(not on the pic) and then 1 of these on the bars and just for my piece of mind the 2 around the wheels and the trailer. The bike never moves
  6. Crankcase damage

    As said if not leaking leave it be. just add some new sealant
  7. 1990 TLM 260

    Parts can be a nightmare to find these days because not many around, not many got parted out. so wouldn't want one as main trials iron.
  8. Ty250 twinshock won’t cold start

    Yeah but didn't seem to work or you wouldn't still be having starting problems.
  9. Ty250 twinshock won’t cold start

    As said sounds like the Choke circuit is blocked. what did you use to clean it? I use a sonic cleaner to make sure it's totally clean. I picked this up off eBay, The 3.2 Ltr is big enough for a single carb to be fully submerged.
  10. Jet washing bikes

    I'd say so, doesn't make sense to me, someone over analysing
  11. Jet washing bikes

    I got this last week, not had a chance to try it out on the bike. It has a lower pressure than a mains washer, seen 1 being used at a trial a few weeks ago and I was impressed with the job it did. Use it straight after the trial while the mud etc is still fresh and it cleans it off no problem. Not cheap at £118, but when your bike is worth a hell of a lot more I didn't mind paying it Karcher OC3 Portable Cleaner Integrated water filter Water tank volume, 4 ltr Lithium-ion battery (20mins use) Spiral hose, 2.8 m
  12. Pictures from last weeks trial at Nab end
  13. Are the pictures from the awards presentation going onto the website