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  1. Some lovely countryside to ride a trials bike in Yorkshire UK. Hope you enjoy the Pictures, I usually add a few pics of the surrounding countryside so you get an idea of where its located.
  2. Brilliant day riding with a trials legend, learnt a few things, hopefully, i can remember them all lol.
  3. My cars fixed so I'm not going to miss the mick Andrews training day, looking forward to it.
  4. 1981 Black engine 250 Beamish Suzuki rear shocks

    thanks, yes i like the colour also. she runs really nice, i have that iridium plug,hy-tech reeds(they are TY250 reeds but there a straight swap) and a ramair high flow air filter . it pulls like a train and has been 100% reliable the 2 years i have owned it, its used in trials every month so getting a lot of use. the 360mm will probably make the chain rub on the swingarm, so get a protector for the owners club if you intend to keep them on.
  5. 1981 Black engine 250 Beamish Suzuki rear shocks

    The plug I use in mine is an NGK BR7EIX Iridium. Bike runs great on them, been using them the last 2 years with no problems. The Shocks are 340mm(34cm) The OZO expert trials shocks work really well on my Beamish, they are a good price also from Inmotion trials shop
  6. Yorkshire Classic Motorcycle Club(Robin Hood 13/5/18)
  7. Midland Classic Trials 29/4/18 Rhodesia Worksop

    Thanks for the kind words. I really like going to these trials and have no real interest in taking pictures & vids of more modern bikes. These are from my era of growing up in the 70s, I also ride in Classic trials events run by Peak Classic Trials Club on my trusty Beamish Suzuki.
  8. Midland Classic Trials 29/4/18 Rhodesia Worksop

  9. Midland Classic Trials 29/4/18 Rhodesia Worksop
  10. Sadly I missed it, got stuck in traffic because of local marathon closing roads on my route, leaving me in a 40min tailback.
  11. Laziest way to clean rust from a tank?

    Apple cider vinegar works great, this came out of a friends tank, after nothing else he tried worked. The tank was totally clean after. Leave it full for a few days