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  1. Been using it this past 18 months without any issues. 1 piece will easily make 3 Beamish filters.
  2. Will put more on when I get back on my PC. So slow to do on my phone lol
  3. Fit the longer brake arm off the rm. If you are going to be riding it in trials, you can't put the better front brake off the rm on it. Can we have a better pic of the forks tops from the front.
  4. Midland classic trial(Stathams farm 5/11/17)
  5. Glad it's sorted and another Beamish is saved from being parted out.
  7. I have put my black engine Beamish next to a friends tc 250ty and the Beamish engine is smaller. I have always found it strange when people go on about how heavy a Beamish is, but you never hear them say that about the ty, which is heavier
  8. The Beamish has to have a chrome frame, it's part of look and history of the bike. As for chrome paint, im sorry but it will just look a bodge to me. It's just a bright silver paint, you can see it a mile off. Don't be fooled by the chrome cap on the can, that isn't how the paint looks when used, I have a can, I tried it on a cover on an old yamaha fs1e. Just came out a very bright silver and soon goes to looking dirty. OK I guess for an old knacker, that you aren't bothered about.
  9. You shouldn't need to alter the carb for a rebore unless you're doing a big bore 200-220cc upgrade.
  10. It's always the way, isn't it. mine hasn't split, but it has a small buckle.
  11. I wouldn't just leave them alone. they need to be welded up, just can look unsightly after.
  12. IMGP0856.JPG

    From the album Beamish Suzuki

  13. IMGP0855.JPG

    From the album Beamish Suzuki

  14. IMGP0801.JPG

    From the album Beamish Suzuki

  15. IMGP0736.JPG

    From the album Beamish Suzuki