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  1. It's wasn't frozen, but it was bloody cold up there and windy
  2. Sadly had to miss it, because of Flu
  3. These 2 were at the Yorkshire classic trial club, boxing day trial, thought they looked trick
  4. Some more
  5. Yorkshire Classic Trials Club 26th dec 2017 at Manor farm
  6. Glad someone else thinks this lol When I said the Opposite (ie less oil means more fuel going in) on another forum I got laughed at. To me it makes perfect sense, to some so called experts is bull lol.
  7. Yorkshire classic trial(Boxing Day Charity trial 2017)
  8. Ooo I'm in the Awards lol
  9. I would have thought 110 octane is to high, unless you also change the advance of the ignition, as it burns different from regular gas.
  10. Met a fellow Beamish owner at Sunday's trial. Make a change from being the only one at the trials riding one.
  11. All my Trials Videos together, for anyone that missed any. Any help with naming riders and bikes would be great, just add them to the comments for the said video and I will amend them. Hope everyone has a great Christmas and Hopefully I'll be out filming in the new year when I'm not riding of course.
  12. To me, it looks like way to much oil.
  13. Once the electronic ignition is on, it's fit and forget
  14. I run four and a half psi all conditions in my IRC rear and five and a half psi in the front Michelin on my Beamish Suzuki.