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  1. Honda TL250 trails questions (1976)

    make sure the dip stick is dry before, will make it easier to see where its wet
  2. TL250 - now running, well sort of...

    get a sonic cleaner and strip the carb down and give it 15-20 mins in the cleaner.
  3. Show Me Your Twin Shocker!

    Just updated mine. spent some money on a beautiful alloy swingarm.
  4. New swingarm

    I weighed the old setup and its even heavier that Berry the guy that made it said, maybe because i had the one out of the silver engine bike in mine(with 2 alloy spaces to make it fit) my setup is 4.6kg so a big saving
  5. New swingarm

    Some pictures from the trial, Suspension felt better, just moved smoother (needle rollers doing their job).
  6. New swingarm

    Just about ready for a 2 day trial this weekend.
  7. Had a good day, seeya at the next round
  8. New swingarm

    The who lol
  9. New swingarm

    She is a 1980 250cc Has a lovely strong motor. Had her just over 2 years and its been 100% reliable till last trial were I noticed the right side swingarm Bush was failing, that's what prompted me to upgrade.
  10. New swingarm

    The bike it's going on
  11. New swingarm

    Thought I would treat myself seeing as my Swingarm are needs new bushes and a re-chrome. so I asked AJG twinshock Specials in the Netherlands to build me one. It arrived Monday, really well packaged and came with everything you need. weighs in at just 1.6kg, stock is over 4.6kg, also about an inch longer. Really pleased with it, should be on the bike sometime this week when I get time.
  12. RL250 carb adjustment

    sounds like crank seal has gone
  13. MAJESTY questions

    Still a few 175s & 250s being ridden in my local classic trials. One totally unrestored and still the original owner. It's good to see them getting used and haven't become trailer queens like so many old bikes.
  14. Black engine gasket

    there is a link in my Beamish facebook group. sadly i cant post links here as they get deleted. so just do a search of beamish Suzuki enthusiasts Group
  15. A Few Photos From Ssdt 2016

    I just get this