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  1. Had a good day. the sun was out and the ground was perfect. probably my best ride to date, don't want to tempt fate, but as far as i remember the 4th lap was all clean, if so that's a first for me lol
  2. Asking an inflated price is one thing, very few sell for those prices.
  3. Yeah the kick start is worn out so won't say closed. Tank cable tied to the frame. Side panels are bolted to the frame. Exhaust has a jubilee clip on the join, instead of the pinch bolt. A few no more Bodges also. Yet they say it's an exceptional restoration. It's a car dealer selling it, say no more.
  4. That one on ebay won't sell for that though, Have you had a close look at it. Bodges everywhere, even the front tyre isn't a trial tyre
  5. Here is a modernised Hodaka
  6. Bit of an update on my Beamish. Have entered 8 and won my class 4 times. In my first ever year riding trials.
  7. Sounds better, i think.. yeah the longer header, but also the alloy mid section and modified silencer . also no rattles, like just about every bulto i have heard lol
  8. Seen this in action at the weekend. Doesn't sound like a Bultaco.
  9. Midland Classic trial at thorntree farm
  10. Midland Classic M.C.C(Sept 3rd Thorntree Farm 2017):
  11. No i wasn't on about that club, I'm on about the land being used by another club that lets in 70s bikes.
  12. Looks a Really nice place to ride. I will have to check to see if they do a trial there were i can ride my Beamish.
  13. Yorkshire Classic Motorcycle Pre-unit trial 27/8/17 At Hagg farm
  14. Thanks spen