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  1. Yes I noticed that it wasn't in tmx. It reflects bad on them to be honest and riders will miss out by not knowing. I emailed them and they didn't reply to that also
  2. I only remember them being Silver
  3. It was one of the first things I got told when I went practicing on my Beamish Suzuki. oh you need to change the top yoke for the old Suzuki type and you need to move the pegs. so far I have entered 3 trials and won my class in 2 with the bikes stock setup. so yes are these mods really needed after all lol
  4. rules from my local club. "Helmets, suitable calf length boots and gloves, along with appropriate clothing must be worn at all times whilst riding a machine at our events" the thin modern gloves seem fine to me and wearing no gloves just doesn't feel right after years of riding on the road.
  5. Have always like the KT's Still a few being used at my local trials, one by a friend
  6. If you cant find something you like , use someone like vistaprint to make your own design up, they do short and long sleeved shirts. that's what I did
  7. Ditch the sports filter for now, if you have the stock air box? Or is it one of those cone type that replace the box?. If its this, is the filter bolted to the end of the carb like this pic lots of bikes don't like the filter right on the end of the carb, its better on a link pipe so further away. Its something to do with the pressure wave hitting the back of the filter and getting back to the carb to soon and messing the fuelling up. had it a few times on my road bikes, I moved the filter away from the end of the carb and everything was fine. If its a sports filter in the stock air box disregard what I have just said. Then start with stock jetting and then work from there.
  8. No your being pedantic lol
  9. Yeah cables aren't Beamish also lol You know what I meant
  10. don't have any
  11. It's an old trials bike and things have moved on from when it was made. I just don't really get why people are so preoccupied with making them ride like a modern bike. If you enter the right trials meant for that bike it's fine the way it is, that all im saying. I keep getting told I have to modify the foot pegs and get the old suzuki top yoke to make my Beamish Suzuki better, I'm well no I don't, I won my class with it the way Beamish made it, beating plenty of modded 70s n 80s bikes, so its fine as is lol
  12. But we're is the fun in getting it wrong, like what has happened here lol
  13. Some of the ringy dings of air cooled two strokes can also be from the barrel n head fins. Are all the rubber blocks in between the fins still there
  14. I have always liked trials from the start of my interest in motorcycles in 1974/75, first bike I ever rode was a OSSA 250mar that a friend had. I couldn't afford any thing trials related back then, so it was just old Road bikes c50 etc. Then once I was old enough I rode on the road. Then the being of last year I wanted an old two stroke, but there fetching silly money for road bikes. So I thought get an old trials bike as they were still within my budget. Once I had one, I decided to try my hand at the sport before it got to late. I'm really loving getting out on the old Beamish Suzuki.