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  1. I like your reasoning . I have a Beamish Suzuki and so far in my very short Trials career I have 3 wins, a 2nd and a 9th from 5 rides. hasn't been modded in the foot pegs or fork angle, so as it was back in the day and its beating a lot of upgraded bikes. biggest change to mine is its not Yellow lol, for some that is a sin hahaha.
  2. Ask Jim at the owners club. Myself, I think it did have packing
  3. I got there late, couldn't bloody find the place, having never been there before. So didn't get round every section
  4. Pictures from yesterdays Midland Classic trial at Rhodesia, Worksop 7/5/17
  5. Midland Classic trial (Rhodesia, Worksop)7/5/17:
  6. i was there also, videos up later
  7. congrats on the finish, I seen the pictures lol
  8. Manchester 17 Dead easy trial (beginners) at Wheston House Farm Tideswell moor
  9. Sorry try now ?
  10. The Dead easy trial at Wheston House Farm Tideswell moor (UK)
  11. Wow another class win and by a good margin. I felt it was my best ride yet and the result confirms it.
  12. Brilliant trial today, had a good turnout and the Weather was glorious, had a blast. Some friends even came to watch me, which was great. I felt it was my Best trial so far in terms of riding, really liked the sections in the stream bed.