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  1. Sherco front light;

    Got mine on ebay for £30, though the bike doesn't have the wiring for it and I don't have the bar switch either (which is harder to find second hand), so it's only for looks. Bulb spec and light kit on splatshop: http://www.splatshop.co.uk/catalogsearch/advanced/result/?sherco_part_code=C067 I use a medium powered bicycle light that you can strap to the bars such as the Lezyne, does the job.
  2. Sherco help for a newbie

    Is it likely to be damaging on a 250cc engine do you think? It doesn't appear to be an insert, more like the whole neck is narrow. Here's what the two exhausts look like side by side - my old 2.5 exhaust (left) and the narrow on the right:
  3. Sherco help for a newbie

  4. Sherco help for a newbie

    I finally lifted the cylinder head and it wasn't as bad as I'd feared (pictures below) The piston and head were completely caked in carbon, so obviously hadn't been open for a very long time, but once cleaned off didn't look bad at all. It's probably the original piston! It looks like it's taking in too much fuel judging by the residue in the cylinder and on the spark plug?
  5. Stator

    I had similar problems on my very old Sherco sometimes taking ten+ kicks starting, sometimes not and the throttle being tetchy, backfiring, overheating etc. Was worried the stator had gone, but eventually pulled the flywheel after advice here (tenner for the flywheel puller), the woodruff key had completely sheared - a couple of quid from Splatshop. It's and easy job if you have the tools
  6. Sherco help for a newbie

    Can anyone tell me why the exhaust header pipe I just got on a well-known auction site has a narrow neck where it joins the cylinder? First I thought it was from a smaller CC, but looking at other ones online I've seen them advertised from the 290cc. My bike goes well with it on but will it overheat?
  7. Sherco help for a newbie

    Thanks for the encouragement and guidance. I've not had time or courage to tackle taking it apart yet... For the most part she's running well and the slow action throttle makes a hell of a difference. What is strange is starting from cold with choke is often first quick, but restarting when hot can be a bugger and take many kicks with throttle open! I also found the intermittent fan was down to a loose connection between the thermostat (now bypassed) Maybe tackle the cylinder this weekend, cautious about causing more harm than good.
  8. Sherco help for a newbie

    I'm still unsure about some engine tapping/rattle. Starting it is a lot better since replacing the stator, also a lot less unpredictable on the throttle I think (unless I'm just getting used to it) I'd like to get the cylinder off to see what condition the piston is in - but if I get in there, wondering if I should replace piston rings as a matter of course. Or, if the piston is looking badly worn, am I better off just saving for the piston kit? I imagine if there's not too much play in the piston I might get away with a top end bearing and rings. How frequently do these things need doing, on a bike of this age, depending how hard it's been ridden? In the meantime, going to swap for a Slow Action throttle because it is far too sensitive...
  9. Sherco help for a newbie

    Does the engine sound noisy - a bit of rattle?
  10. Sherco help for a newbie

    As luck would have it, I came by a very clean looking stator plate and a few other parts (clutch housing inc. pump and a pristine radiator inc. hoses).
  11. Sherco help for a newbie

    Thanks for all your input chaps. I cleaned up the stator and housing, aligned the mark on the back plate with the right edge of the mounting and off she went!! You can't see from my picture but the mark is just to the right of the mounting nut, about 5mm from the edge. It took some kicking the first time, but I suspect I'd flooded the engine again. On the whole, she runs a lot more smoothly and the exhaust is no longer melting hot. Mix screw is around the 3.5/3.75 turns with idle somewhere around 3. But with the new reeds and correct timing the pull is immense, although a bit scary and jumpy - had me clinging on for life a couple of times : | I was hoping to try retarding the stator in order to make starting the bike easier and give a bit less bite. Next job though is a new thermostat, because the fan is only running for a few seconds when really hot and keeps stopping. Parts ordered for the weekend
  12. Sherco help for a newbie

    You were spot on Oni Nou! The woodruff was cleanly sheered when I finally got the flywheel off. Got a couple on order now and will try retarding the timing when I get the parts. TBH there's not a lot of room for manoeuvre as the backing plate is already rotated very close to edge, but should be enough to give a few mm. It was pretty well caked in crud as the cover hasn't been sealed very well, there's also a tiny bump in the case where it's been hit that lifts it slightly. Looking forward to getting it running again
  13. Sherco help for a newbie

    Yup, looks like it's been severely neglected. I don't think the pipe is blocked, it looks as though its been burnt at some point! Although I hadn't realised this was a breather, in my ignorance I'd assumed it was an overflow, so I'll check that's not blocked either. When I took the impeller off to change the seals the washer behind it was completely shot and you could see where it's been leaking. However, I could not begin to shift the bearing out of the case to change the seal on the inside
  14. Sherco help for a newbie

    While cleaning the carb I found there was a lot of sandy grit in the filter Also the jets appear to be 33 pilot and 124 main, does this sound about right?