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  1. Back in action

    From the album Sherco 2.5 2004

    It took an age to get the rear tyre back on and seated on the rim properly without an air pump. In the end I had to replace the knackered inner tube, just to get any air in and to pop the tyre out on the rim. Found that someone, in their wisdom, had tried to seal the spokes with silicon sealant - this has totally corroded the aluminium, which is now flakier than.... wet chipboard?
  2. Formula levers, Venhill hoses, 11T sprocket

    From the album Sherco 2.5 2004

    Thought I'd try the 11T front sprocket because I was always in higher gears and like the smoother power. However I might go back to the 10T sprocket once I start trialing and need that slow speed!
  3. New Venhill clutch hose

    From the album Sherco 2.5 2004

    The new hose is spot on. It took a lot of bleeding and after trying the conventional gravity method, had to do it thoroughly with a syringe and reverse-fill the cylinders to get the air out. Now the levers work brilliantly and are much more sensitive and positive than the old AJPs.
  4. Venhill clutch and brake hose

    From the album Sherco 2.5 2004

    Gorgeous new Venhill hoses! You can build your own spec on their website. I went for yellow as an alternative to the popular translucent blue, to complement the yellow detail on the bike. The hoses are very flexible and I'd probably recommend getting a rigid section on the brake, though the flex is good for the fork travel.
  5. Formula 'bendy' levers & new Venhill hoses

    From the album Sherco 2.5 2004

    So I also picked up some spotless Formula clutch & brake cylinders with pivoted levers - what I didn't anticipate was they don't use the banjo on the handlebar end. So had to get new hoses too, which cost twice as much as the lever
  6. Bash plate off

    From the album Sherco 2.5 2004

    The previous owner had obviously grounded it on something solid and taken a notch out of the sump guard - probably what had damaged the clutch housing too.
  7. Got mine on ebay for £30, though the bike doesn't have the wiring for it and I don't have the bar switch either (which is harder to find second hand), so it's only for looks. Bulb spec and light kit on splatshop: I use a medium powered bicycle light that you can strap to the bars such as the Lezyne, does the job.
  8. Is it likely to be damaging on a 250cc engine do you think? It doesn't appear to be an insert, more like the whole neck is narrow. Here's what the two exhausts look like side by side - my old 2.5 exhaust (left) and the narrow on the right:
  9. Polished up!

    From the album Sherco 2.5 2004

    Cleaned up the swing-arm too. Some spokes could do with replacing
  10. Cylinder head off

    From the album Sherco 2.5 2004

    I used aluminium wire mesh to cover the airfilter and prevent muck getting in.
  11. Replaced clutch cover

    From the album Sherco 2.5 2004

  12. I finally lifted the cylinder head and it wasn't as bad as I'd feared (pictures below) The piston and head were completely caked in carbon, so obviously hadn't been open for a very long time, but once cleaned off didn't look bad at all. It's probably the original piston! It looks like it's taking in too much fuel judging by the residue in the cylinder and on the spark plug?
  13. I had similar problems on my very old Sherco sometimes taking ten+ kicks starting, sometimes not and the throttle being tetchy, backfiring, overheating etc. Was worried the stator had gone, but eventually pulled the flywheel after advice here (tenner for the flywheel puller), the woodruff key had completely sheared - a couple of quid from Splatshop. It's and easy job if you have the tools
  14. Can anyone tell me why the exhaust header pipe I just got on a well-known auction site has a narrow neck where it joins the cylinder? First I thought it was from a smaller CC, but looking at other ones online I've seen them advertised from the 290cc. My bike goes well with it on but will it overheat?