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  1. Fork tubes

    Hi, I'm on outskirts of mansfield! Not too far away. I'll give yambits a call tomorrow, I spoke to a company today that makes fork tubes for just about every 70s bike apart from ty. The only reason I wanted new is because they say 3 weeks to complete, & I didn't want to be off bike that long.
  2. Fork tubes

    I was after new, the ones I can find for ty are double price of other 70s yams
  3. Fork tubes

    Hi, are there any other Yamaha fork tubes compatible with ty250 twinshock? There seams an abundance of dt & Rd tubes but nothing for ty.
  4. Yes pd valve

    Do you know if there's similar to majical dampers ?
  5. Yes pd valve

    Hi, has anyone any experience with cartridge emulators fork valves? Or yss pd valve. thinking of trying them in my ty 250 twinshock.
  6. Dt250 piston rings

    I installed new rings last night, with expansion ring under lower ring. Give her a run tonight 👍🏻
  7. Dt250 piston rings

    Cheers for that! 👍🏻
  8. Dt250 piston rings

    There correct rings for dt 250 , not seen one like that before
  9. Dt250 piston rings

  10. Dt250 piston rings

    I've got a dt250 piston for my ty! New rings arrived, in box with rings is a thin 50pence shaped ring! Can anyone tell me where it goes?
  11. Dt piston

    It was off a 78 ty250 , he said it ran ok but I won't know till I try it.
  12. Dt piston

    I got a spare barrel with a dt piston off flee bay for spares, I'm running a wossner at mo, but it's started with piston slap. So I was gonna try spare barrel & piston.
  13. Dt piston

    Hi can anyone tell me if a dt250 piston will work ok in my ty250 twinshock?
  14. Ty250 twinshock

    Cheers for that! I'll give it a go 👍🏻
  15. Ty250 twinshock

    I was told larger gap required with electronic ignition, I'll try it with standard gap