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  1. Has anyone used the waterproof inserts in the formas and are they any good ?
  2. Hi Guys, I bought my first pair of trials boots ! Forma Boulder, after looking at some posts on site ! love the boots and they are the correct size, but very constrictive ! do they just need wearing in ! and are all trials boots tight to begin with ???
  3. Having just watched the first two episodes of this show i have the utmost repect for Ross, with limited trials experience to even enter the ssdt takes some balls !
  4. when i think about the lycra ones ! max wall pops into my head ! anyone remember him lol
  5. love the upandovers ! bit pricey for me though !
  6. Got The Helmet ! now need some pants ! any suggestions ? no lycra lol as im almost 50 !!!
  7. Thanks for your input guys, helmet ordered yesterday and arrived today, sizing is spot on ! and the helmet just feels quality
  8. hi guys im gonna buy an airoh trr helmet ! how acurate is there sizing guide as no trials dealers near me ???
  9. as a complete novice, i tried my1997 gas gas 270 jtx, with the fast throttle the previous owner had fitted ! my opinion is that a slow throttle is better suited for a beginner ! i felt that fas throttle gave me very little control over the bike ! slow throttle now fitted and seems mor manageable to me !
  10. Hi Guys, buying a pair of trials boots Alpinestar no stop or forma boulder, not decided yet, i need a boot with serious arch support ! any advice, also as buying online wont be able to try on do you guys normally order exact size or a size bigger in trials boots ???
  11. Today was the the first time i rode my Gas Gas jtx 270, in fact the first time ive ridden any trials bike, always thought how easy basic trials riding looked, Oh F... i was wrong, was on it about 3 seconds and the front wheel shot into the air, with me holding on in terror lol, that didnt help the confidence 1 bit, to be fair the 20 year old bike never missed a beat, fast throttle fitted didnt suit me at all, being a beginner, that will be changed, felt quite tense on the bike, causing my hands to get very painful, all that said i had fun and wont be giving up, will just be taking things very slowly
  12. breagh ! how did the the wobblers start out M8, just thinking, there is a club in lanarkshire and you guys in fife but nothing inbetween, Central region needs a club lol


    1. breagh


      Hi laud, we just wanted something cheap and cheerful for the locals at the time you needed a £50 licence before you could even turn up at any trial in Scotland which was a massive barrier to new folk.

      Once we got a bit land (Which we do contribute towards) the AMCA were contacted and things sorted out the rest is history.

      THere's a good bit work though to start with and you do kind of have to know what you're doing with layout.

      I agree the central area is crying out for a decent beginners club but it hasn't happened just need some to see the light.

      Just for the record the Montrose club was the first AMCA trials club up here it wasn't our idea.

      Also getting land is much harder than you might think.

      If I had time and a bit money I would try to get one going sadly I don't.

      Maybe there's someone out there that's keen .

      Anyway thanks for asking.

    2. asmara


      why is getting land to use so hard ? and thanks for the response bud

      are you from the falkirk area ?


    3. breagh


      Folk just don't want bikes on there land , they're noisy do a bit of damage livestock issues and there 's nothing in it for the farmer.

      Also you need land with parking and it has to be away from houses as well as insurance implications.

      Of our locations 2 belong to club members our main one we put parking in ourself and spent a load of money getting it suitable and we still rely on the landowner who could back out anytime.

      It's not easy, I'm live in North East Fife.

  13. would like to change decals on my bike but seems impossible to get them for a 1997 bike ! any ideas guys ???
  14. so on a trials bike your not up and down the gears, generally using 1 or 2 gears depending on the conditions ?
  15. what do you mean by art work ! i have a 97 gas gas and would love some old school graphics for it ! what sort of price ???