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  1. Hi Trev, did you get your carb sorted in the end? I got mine running good with the 87.5 main and the 15 pilot jet. All the best, Mark.
  2. It's like I said in previous posts its up to the FIM to introduce a minimum seat height. Manufacturers would benefit from three markets, one being trials and the others being commuter and trail riders. It's a win-win for the sport as the price of bikes will come down and more people will get involved.
  3. I feel that it would go some way to solving the problem, costs would go down as bike sales would go up, more manufacturers would become involved, publicity will increase as a result of more manufacturers taking an interest.
  4. The problem with our sport is it doesn't appeal to Joe public because the bikes are too specialised, people are inspired when they see something dynamic and skilful providing they can relate to it. If the bikes were more normal looking, like an Ossa Explorer or Gas Gas Randonne, they may think what the top boys could do with a normal(ish) looking motorcycle is genuinely amazing and be fascinated by it. This, coupled with people buying trail orientated motorcycles for commuting/trail riding will ultimately bring the cost of the sport down as the bikes are again multipurpose, like they were when trials was at it's peak in the seventies! The FIM has to have a total rethink of where the sport is going and homologate a motorcycle that has a taller seat height, fully functioning lights etc, that can be used by people outside of the sport as well as followers of the sport who don't ride anymore but still feel that they want to be a part of the trials community and go to spectate a trial on their Ossa Explorer! Just messing around with stop or no stop will not save the sport from going into decline.
  5. Does anyone in the uk produce alloy swing arms for the TLR 200?
  6. The problem was worn brake shoes, which have now been replaced.
  7. My bike is a TLR 200 and I only have one spacer, is that correct?
  8. Hi, my front brake sticks on when I tighten the front axle up, any suggestions?
  9. Thats not a nice looking colour scheme, they've got it wrong in my opinion.
  10. Hi Trev, I've spoken to John at The Twinshock Shop in Devon and he reckons the VM22 carb on the TLR runs at its best with the 15 pilot jet and an 87.5 main jet. I'm going to order an 87.5 main jet tomorrow and see how it goes over the weekend. I get my carb parts from a company in Liverpool UK called Motocarb. His website is good as it shows images and measurements of the actual jets you have in your existing carb, so you at least know that you're ordering the right type of jet, even if you haven't a clue what size you should be ordering! I will speak to the guy from Motocarb tomorrow and ask his advice, as he has customisation kits for alot of older bikes but unfortunately not the TLR, however he might have an idea if I'm going in the right direction! Cheers Mark
  11. Hi Trev, Right, I ordered a size 30 pilot jet before I read your post and fitted it with the 97.5 main this evening, it started okay but ran really bad when revved at the top end, so I refitted the 95 main and it ran better when revved hard but not as good with the 15 pilot jet, the bottom end is a lot better and doesn't miss when the throttle is rolled on from the bottom of the rev range. I'll order the 20 pilot tomorrow and give that a go see if it will run better. I'll keep you posted. Mark.
  12. Right, took the new carb to pieces to have a look at the jetting, the pilot jet is 15, main jet is 95 and a number 2 slide. I'm going to order a 30 pilot jet and a 100 main jet, I have put the needle on its highest setting, does this sound about right? Cheers Mark.
  13. Well, I went out for a play doing a few sections with the new carb on and it seems to cough stall when you roll up to an incline and open the throttle it splutters and then goes, is there any way I could tune this out of the carb or is it scrap? Cheers Mark.
  14. Amazing vid, better than what you expect from the big companies like Duke or Greenlight TV!
  15. I don't fancy taking it all to bits again dude, it took me a couple of hours to get it all together and running! The wife kept popping in asking me to do stuff as well as the kids pestering me to fettle push bikes and scooters! When it stops running it will be taken to bits, I don't get much time to tinker in the garage, sorry man!