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Practice area!

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recently set up a practice area in my back garden in an old horse arena,full of about a foot of sand that’s now overgrown with weeds and grass. Took me 3 days to clear it all out but it’s coming along now. I can get up the big tire 9 times out of 10 but I can’t do the row of tires as I don’t know how to hold pressure yet.

Any improvements/ideas with the stuff I have will be appreciated 







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Hi Sheepy..  it looks like a good start, but the fence is a bit near for any high speed attacks of the 4 tyres..!

I Can think of a few ideas, apart from the obvious...

Ride along the plank.     Put the plank on the oil drum to make a see-saw.     Put two telegraph poles 8ft apart, and try to not touch the ground in-between with the front wheel.    Ride over the tractor tyre, then onto the 4 tyres, jump down landing on the back wheel...  then the other way around...

It's great..  I would use up a lot of fuel riding there..


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Thanks guys,I have a few more things to go in there like Metal oil drums,a few more telegraph poles and I’m going to make a wooden podium shaped platform. One day I’ll be able to splatter up the end of the 4 tyres! Just not yet haha. I’ll try the poles 8ft apart tomorrow if the weather allows.

i may post a few videos too and get peoples opinions on where I’m going wrong as I’m not getting much lift with the double blip.


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Hi Sheepy, try to think a bit about safety...  The only time I ever hospitalised myself (with a broken collar bone), was when I was practising on my own on a nearby moorland.  I had to flag down a passing motorist for help.

So remember to wear your helmet, and preferably have someone with you.

I have a few telegraph poles and old tree trunks here, but had planned on using them to build a tractor shed. 

.edit..   Just remembered an incident at a Wrexham Club trial, many many years ago...  The Centre champion fell off his bike and broke his leg.  It took 4 club officials to help, two carried him to hospital in their car, whilst two others got his bike onto its transport, which his riding partner took to the hospital to pick him up much later.    That is a good reason to ride events, as there are lots of willing helpers available.


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That’s one of the reasons why I got into trials,I used to have a ktm 250 exc and go out on my own and I would never try new techniques or trails that were on the edge of my ability just in case something something happened.

where I’m riding now is within shouting distance of the house which I find gives me more time on the bike as I can have a little hour after work! 

I blew a plug on the ktm,always had a spare in my bag but somehow it had gone walk about,no phone signal to call anyone...had to push the bike for about about an hour to where I could free wheel to my house...lesson learned there

ill be going to watch my first trial on the 28th so hopefully it won’t be long before I join 

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