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  1. ggjord

    Gas Gas Or Beta

    seen the new sherco could be a winner this one
  2. replace the pump piston and seal kit 150.00.396c it will be letting by. if your fluid in the pot is dirty this is a good indication as well that its knackered. done mine today with the same symptom as yours.
  3. ggjord

    Cdi Unit Problems

    are you sure the thin bl/white wire from the cdi is good as they are made short and easily break off.
  4. rawsports from bvm are good, i think there under 20 quid aswell
  5. Just found this on amazon its richard hammonds new dvd and features alexz wigg riding in it. Theres a small clip showing some of the dvd. Hammond DVD Looks good might ask for it for xmas EDIT: Link sorted, Forum Mod
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