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  1. I currently have my bike on the back of a landrover 110 defender and it has plenty of room to get a trailer on aswell, hope this helps
  2. Well I have a Gas Gas 2011 and it will be on my 2010 Polo so I'm hoping that won't look too silly. haha
  3. I'm 17 in January and I'm going to start driving lessons, when I have passed both my theory and practical is it legal for me to have a bike rack on the back of my car to transport my gas gas or do I have to be a certain age? Strange question I know, thank you in advance for any help.
  4. My gopro clips from January from 4 months on the 250, what do you lot think? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0GDWnhdHZvA
  5. Thanks all for help, turns out a few things were the wrong way round in the bike where who ever rebuilt them last didnt put them back properly! Can start riding again now ?✊?
  6. The person who previously owned the bike has played around with the inner rebound fork and on return there is a horrible clunking noise and heavy feel as this happens, thats why im looking to get an older set of forks as it may be cheaper than buying the inner fork
  7. Im trying to find out what year forks will fit my gasser as my 2011 forks are terrible! I know that 05 forks fit but i wondered if any older ones would fit? Thanks in advance for the help!
  8. Thank you two very much for clearing that up!
  9. I'm 16 and currently ride competitions, the only problem is I'm now on a 250, I'm with the acu can I 'legally' still compete on this, sorry if it's a stupid question, would appreciate any answers, I'm not the 'cleverest' of people so as simple as possible Thanks
  10. I have recently bought a 250 2011 gasser but it doesn't have a rear light/reflector which makes the mudguard look empty (with the hole in) does any one have any links or idea where I can get it
  11. Me and my dad have agreed to do it in the Christmas hols so will have some photos then and yeah ill try and come up in the Christmas hols if I can
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