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  1. Great trial on sunday at longcliffe tops derbyshire, well done Paul, hope we get to use this venue again.
  2. well done wobbler you forgot to thank your clothing sponsor !
  3. Agreed. apart from all the fantics, especially the guy with the gold & white Hebo gear & orange tan !
  4. Don`t do it, gear lever on left= every other time you kickstart bike you knock it into gear (becomes a real pain in the a***).brake lever on right bends every time you hit a rock!. brake lever on right = naff all braking power,combined with the wonderfull bultaco front brake!.stick with what you have.
  5. ran my 198a at the last red rose (lea quarry), pulled like a train in 3rd gear up steepest climbs!
  6. just had my "thanks but no thanks better luck next year" entry form returned for 2012, oh well never mind, had visions of winning that one as well!. seriously how about upping the twin shock entries next year, maybe make it a three or four day event.
  7. cheers for that, its a 250 by the way with a spigot fitting. carb came with 112 main 46 slow with needle 2nd notch from top so it might not be to far off the mark !
  8. hi everyone, just bought an oko 26mm flatslide for my 198a to replace the amal mk11. is anyone running one of these carbs and if so what jets are you using. i am using standard air filter & 50/1 fuel, cheers for any info.
  9. as long as there is no play between frame/swingarm/engine mount you won`t damage frame. agreed you may need new spindle & bushes but i found this by far the easiest way, if the spindle still refuses to move you could try a bit of heat while pressing
  10. if poss use hydraulic press, had same problem.after putting frame/swingarm in press horizontal use correct size drift and press out. to my suprise brass bushes where in perfect condition. slap some grease on and rebuild
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