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  1. hi thanks still have one missing but its a result, they didn't arrest the man who had it as he had proof of buying it of this swap site so he says he bought it in good faith, they also removed a road bike from his livingroom, he gave some mobile numbers of the man he bought it off but if they are pay as you go they cant trace them so no wiser about the rm will keep you posted cheers mark
  2. hi all the kx 250 that was stolen has been found it was on facebook swaps I found it by accident its now back with me the Derbyshire police were brilliant in their help
  3. sorry to hear it mate I had my rm 250 and a kx 250 nicked Saturday before xmas
  4. thanks all will look into these, had my garage broke into week before xmas had my crossers nicked so its back to restoring the monty`s want to finish them and prob sell
  5. hi all, I am restoring a 248 and the fibre glass fuel tank needs sealing before I have it repainted, has anybody used anything that's worked well because I have heard some horrors like peeling and blocked fuel lines and carbs any help on this matter thanks
  6. forgot the rm is a 93 and kx a 92 the frame has been done in a metallic paint very similar to goblin green with black engine and wheels forks still blue as I haven't done them yet rm pretty standard except black engine n gold wheels no graphics on either
  7. hi the rm engine number is j110-123746 and the frame number is rj16a-101975 the kx I only got engine number and sons got that so will get it and post later no joy with the police even thow I have got an idea where they are no positive proof they said lots of mates keeping eye on this suspect
  8. thanks mate don't rate my chances just hope the brake their necks on them
  9. hi had my restored rm 250 and sons kx 250 stolen last night from the worksop area any info post to my email thanks
  10. hi, just been looking on ebay and theres a 200 cota for sale and theres some engine cases if you contact the seller he might be able to help its worth a try
  11. hi andy, i will have a play round with the mixture screw and see if that does it, when i was running it in i was using the mixture recommended which was 14/1 which seemed to be fine but makes me wonder if theres still alot of unmixed fuel left in there to. cheers mark
  12. hi all, just got a 1993 rm 250 to restore, i have just rebuilt the engine new bearing piston, ring and seals got it running and it runs really well ran it in like it says in the clymer manual, my problem is when it is warm it doesnt tick over properly it does for a little while then dies but starts ok, anyone any ideas, thanks mark
  13. sandman

    1980 248

    hi mate, no iv got alot of work to do yet,im doin a 348 too so it will be a while before its ready, im more of a tinkerer than rider due to an accident i just like to get them back to former glory, so can not help you about that sorry.
  14. sandman

    1980 248

    hi johnny, im restoreing a 248 at the moment the only problem is some of the parts are getting harder to find, it took me ages to find a piston but most of the frame stuff you can get cheers
  15. hi all, wonder if anybody can help, looking for a sprocket guard for my 248, was wondering if a 349 guard would fit, as some of other bits fit,i no some leave them off for easy maintinance but this is a restoration and i want to do it properly
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