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  1. Try southwestmontesa.com but check the condition of the kick starter shaft before you start spending money. If it has snapped, which was a very common problem with that model, you will be very hard pressed to find another. They are as rare as rocking horse poo.
  2. OK Carb should be : Dellorto PHBH20 Type BS Needle jet AV264 Main Jet 105 Pilot Jet 55 Choke jet 65 Air screw 1.75 turns from closed Slide 60 Needle in 2nd pos from top Hope that helps
  3. I have had a 348 and a couple of 247's for yeras and have never had a problem with the kick starters. One model which was prone to problems was the 173. Kick starter shafts used to snap, I know because I did it to one I once owned. Those shafts were impossible to find and as rare as rocking horse poo.
  4. Been a while since I rebuilt my old 247 but I have a feeling that those pins where 3 different lenghts. Contact Jared Bates at southwestmontesa.com and he should be able to tell you where they go. Before you do that and go splitting the cases make sure that the shifter drum in lined up correctly. The Haynes Manual should tell you how to do it.
  5. Oil should be 10w 30 or auto transmission oil which I have been using for years. By the way the case is not worn. All of mine look the same
  6. belldane

    Std 348 Top Ring

    Try Jared Bates at southwestmontesa.com I got a set of rings for my 348 a couple of years ago
  7. My T250 was is very good nick when I got it and from the sounds of it you have got some very serious work ahead of you. Try bultacouk.com for spares and any advice you may need.
  8. belldane

    Cota 348 Airbox

    I had problems here in Australia finding the airbox. Could not find one and ended up getting one of those foam pod ones and no problems in rain, dust, etc.
  9. belldane

    247 / 348 Clutch

    I am assuming that what you refer to as the clutch drum is actually the clutch basket, that is where all the clutch plates slide into. They are all exactly the same. In fact when the clutch started slipping on my 348, I replaced the whole unit with one from a 247 and no problems whatsoever.
  10. Try Jared Bates at southwestmontesa.com. He should be able to tell you the year of the bike by the engine number
  11. That primary drive gear can be a real pig to remove, especially if it has been there for a while. Get yourself the best and biggest puller you can get your hands on. tighten the puller as much as you can and apply plenty of heat to the gear. Oxy I found the only way. Keep on tightenning as you apply more heat but for God's sake keep your head out of the way. It will either pop out gently or come out at a hundred miles an hour. Once that is done you will also have to contend with the sprocket which is also tapered. Plenty of fun times ahead of you I think.
  12. What condition are your sprockets and chain in ?
  13. Sounds like you should have stayed in bed ! It is hard to work out what is causing all your problems without actually riding and hearing the bike running but I will give you my thoughts anyway. When you dropped it going up that hill did your fall accidently turn the choke on? That would explain more than average smoke and the fuel usage. The sparks I have no idea unless something has gone terribly wrong in the combustion chamber but it does not sound good. As for the crank seals, huge amounts of smoke is a tell tale sign the seals are bad but I doubt they would have packed it in after a couple of falls. The problem with the idling could also be choke related ie running too rich. Just a few ideas. Hope that helps
  14. The size of the photos you are trying to send me might be too big for the ISP you are using. Get in touch with them and let them work out what the problem might be. My email address is belldane@skymesh.com.au but I reckon you already have it. See ya
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