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  1. because i got my bike 2nd hand i didnt no if the graphichs would of been changed to make it look nicer, from the looks of it i have an edition. iv just changed the oil and put 750ml, everythings all good, just wanted to see what other people put in and thanks for the guide mate.
  2. iv had a similar problem with regards to not getting neutral, i can get it if im rolling or engine is off, just something u get used to and as for the atf oil, i use motul dexron iii 750ml in my 2002 280 txt havnt tried anything else but thats what everyone seems to use on these bikes, other oils can make the plates swell, causing more dragg
  3. yeh im getting even more confused now with the amount to put in.. how will i no if i have a pro or an edition? the stickers say 02txt edition, guessin thats my answer?? if thats right how much should i put in ?? 700ml seems alot
  4. why would the garage tell me to put 750ml in tho??what difference will it make if i put less in??lighter clutch ??
  5. lewisallen

    How Much Oil?

    searched the forum but could find what i was looking for.. what i want to no is how much ATF oil should i put in my 2002 gas gas txt 280?? iv been told 700ml by the garage i got it from, but few others iv spoken to say, 450ml and as theres no dip stick on the bike i have no idea what i should put in. I put 700ml in on the last oil change but just seems alot and to change it every few rides costs a bit.. any one help me?? im using motul dexron iii atf if that makes a difference?? thanks in advance
  6. my tank sits like this, slight gap with a thick foam gasket. pipes and rad fan are close to the tank but never struggled to get tank to sit flush gear side sorry if the pics arent great took them on my phone. my advice would be to take the rear fender off and then try fitting the tank, mine goes in easier with rear fender off
  7. iv got a 2002 txt280, have u actually got the tank in ?? is there a small gap from the frame to the tank?? on mine theres a foam gasket type thing around the bottom of the tank and that stops the tank from sittin flush but i think thats how its ment to be. ill go and take some pics in a min if u like. make sure when your re fitting that the radiator cap isnt stopping the tank from sitting, look for any wiring sticking, try taking the rear fender off and puttin the tank in see if that makes any difference
  8. iv got this exzact problem mate, i cant get N when standing still with engine on, just roll forward and light tap down from 2nd and she goes in, better to be like this than to loose, dont want to be accidently hitting N when riding espically if you've only just started.
  9. lewisallen

    Two Holes?

    well the guys did a pretty good job of repairing my can..
  10. lewisallen

    Two Holes?

    got the bike back 2day and the guy that did it must be a god with a welder and grinder.. just looks like a scratch on the can now and hes managed to pull the pipe out more for me too, only just got home so ill post a photo tomorrow if i remeber to see what you lot think of the repair.
  11. lewisallen

    Two Holes?

    well hopefully ill pick the bike back up tomorrow, dropped it off this afternoon guys welding a plate on for me and cleaning my carb,hopefully will look alright. and as for the topic title i was surprised too that no one had put some immature comments haha
  12. hi mate, iv just got myself some new booots, wulfsport trial boots, real comfy strong,supporting and as far as i can tell pretty hard wearing and nicely priced, used them today on wet muddy clay and i had no problems walking. heres the link to where i got mine from... top guys..dont pay for postage as mine turned up in 2days and it says
  13. lewisallen

    Two Holes?

    i no a different exhaust wont make any difference but just in case i need a new, can u get aftermarket ones?? and is this the cover your on about??http://www.trick-bits.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=40_50&product_id=79 how do u fix it to the pipe?
  14. lewisallen

    Two Holes?

    soo i was out riding 2day and after washing my bike off iv noticed that theres hole in my silencer.. noooo not the one thats surposed to be there. looks like my rear tyre has rubbed through it:( how can i fix this without buyin a new can?? and also where can i buy new silencers if i need one.. cant find them anywhere in the uk. bikes a 2002 gaser txt 280 if thats any help.. thanks
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